There are people in the world who can change the moods of other just by asking one question. By digging a little deeper and caring a little bit more in the average conversation. These people know just the right question to ask to make you see the other side of an opinion or to make you question if your motives are pure, all with more love and understanding than most of us share in a day. They are rare but if you ever find a person like this, I suggest that you hold onto them with a tight grip.

Mine is Emily. And she is one of the most genuinely warm, loving, and encouraging people I have had the pleasure to know. Not only to know, but to live with! Em is one of my roommates, one of the six Nitches as we like to be called, and I feel so blessed to have her in this house with me. She is the roomie who keeps the rest of us encouraged day in and day out, and she’s always willing to give us a swift (and often necessary) kick in the pants to do the dishes. When I needed a model to complete an assignment for my Photo class, she was completely willing to help me out, so THANKS Em! I’m so excited to continue to live with Emily and do life with her for the next few months before she heads to GHANA to study abroad! Yeah, she’s that cool. Hopefully over the next few months, I’ll be able to introduce you to the rest of the Nitches, but for now, meet Emily!

Emily! Who knew you could be so fierce?!

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