Dancing in a square in a barn.

Confession: sometimes I square dance.

Alright, not really. I’ve only ever square danced twice, and I guess the real confession is that it’s actually pretty fun. After this post and the rave, you’re probably thinking that I go to crazy dance parties all the time. If ONLY that were the case. A dance party every day would be like a dream come true. Still, the fellowship that I’m involved with at school, Navigators, has a ton of awesome events each year, and the barn dance is one of them. A chili cook-off, cowboy boots, and carnival games—including FAIR FISH! Sorry PETA. All of this topped off with an old country man half singing half yelling square dancing commands. Basically, it’s a great time.

Honestly, how often do you get the chance to go all out in your best plaid and denim without getting uneasy stares from strangers? Or to skip around in a square while yelling “yee-haw!” every once in a while? The barn dance was good, clean fun and I can’t wait til next year when, once again, we’ll get to dance around into the night wearing pigtails and boots. Yee-haw!

Ali, one of my roomies, won a fish! To add to our fish zoo, of course.

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