Merry (Belated) Christmas, Baby.

Oh, how fickle I am in keeping up with this.

But it’s a new year, and though I really hate resolutions, I do like setting goals. So this year, I plan on updating this more frequently, sharing more of the photos I take, and—presumably—taking more photos. But I don’t want this to be a place for just pictures. It’s a photography blog, sure, but if photography is going to be my life, shouldn’t I share more of that, of life, here too? So thats the plan. To show you more of who I am not just by my photography, but also in writing and in sharing joys and struggles and embarrassing details. Which is scary, because you’re the internet.

But before we rush into 2011 (How on earth is it 2011? I swear it was just a few years ago that my dad and I were sitting at the computer, prepping for the Y2K endoftheworld) without a quick recap of Christmas 2010! After all, it is an unfortunately little known fact that the 12 days of Christmas START on the 25th. Meaning we’re only on day 8! I’m in the clear. Let the holiday cheer abound and neighbors that live behind me, please turn your Christmas lights back on.

I had the privilege of celebrating the first annual Nitchmas this year with my roommates. It was three weeks of serious decorating, watching Christmas movies, and general Christmas merriment. We even made a fake fireplace out of paper so that we’d have a place to hang our stockings. Yup, it was that intense. Unfortunately we had to mix in a little studying and serious paper writing since finals week inconveniently falls right in the middle of Nitchmas, but we made do. I feel so blessed to get to live with these ladies and to celebrate such a wonderful time with them and all of our friends.

We had a REAL Nitchmas tree!

And then, and THEN I get to come home and celebrate with family! My family has had the exact same Christmas Schedule since before I can remember. Christmas Eve is at my house with everyone. Christmas morning is here too with just us. Then we pack up and drive over to my grandma’s to spend the day there with with extended family, and the next day, we pack up again and drive up to Pennsylvania to see family on my dad’s side. There’s something so comforting in the traditions of where we are. Now that us kids are older and my sister is married, things are starting to get shaken up, but it’s not all bad. We got to celebrate Christmas morning with my sister, her husband, and their dog who even opened one of her presents herself! Adorable.

Land Before Time on DVD? It’s a Christmas dream come true.

And when it comes time to create new traditions, I’m sure the tradition-lover in me will freak out a little bit and then settle into those as well. Because really, who cares where you spend the holiday; that’s not what it’s all about. When you’re not focusing on the gifts, or the food, or the commercial hype of Christmas, the When Where and How of the holiday really become unimportant. If you look past the Christmas that most of the world knows and start to consider the Why, all of the celebration actually has a reason behind it. At any rate, I’m thankful for holidays that were full of real joy, friends and family, and the excitement and sometimes-terrifying opportunity and challenges that 2011 comes all neatly wrapped up in. Bring it on.

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    Anonymous - The picture of Sarah with the Grinch cup needs to be her profile picture on facebook.ReplyCancel

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    sarah - way to be anonymous, christine.ReplyCancel

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      Christine - I can prove it wasn’t me! January 10th at 11:52, I was working! And I don’t come home for lunches anymore b/c of how far away I am! SO HA! :)ReplyCancel

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