No time like the Present, I always say.

Pretty please don’t judge me for the post that I’m about to share. Really though, I need your word. You’ll understand in a minute, just keep reading.

Eight months ago my sister Christine got married. May 8, 2010 to be exact. It was a beautiful early spring day, perfect weather plus a little wind, and in the afternoon she said her “I do’s” right in our backyard. My sister, Sarah, and I were the maids of honor, but have to admit—and this is where the not judging me part comes in—I was far from the perfect bridesmaid. Heck, I don’t even know if I could have been considered a good bridesmaid. I didn’t write my speech in advance for the reception, and ended up winging it. Mostly I just cried, so it worked out alright, but really… not cool. Thankfully, I have one of the greatest sisters in the world, and because she is the anti-Bridezilla, she just laughed off most of my goof-ups.

But there was one thing that she didn’t laugh off. Not for the past eight months. Now, remember, this is the Judgement Free Zone, so don’t hate me when I tell you that I didn’t give my sister and her husband their wedding present until yesterday. I’m terrible, I know! But for all of you poor college students out there, you understand, right? The end of the semester is when all we’ve got in our pantry is tomato soup and canned salmon, and I just didn’t have $60 to shell out for that 10-piece stainless steel utensil set you wanted, OK Christine?? Not to mention, when it came to giving my oldest sister her wedding gift, how could I give something as meaningless as a utensil set or a napkin holder? I wanted to do something that involved a little more heart. So I racked my brain and got nothing. This was at about the 3-week mark, and right about when Christine started to question the whereabouts of my recognition of her and Jason’s marriage. Thankfully, my wonderful mom gave me the idea from a wedding gift that she had received: her friend took the wedding invitation that was sent to each of the guests, painted it, and then framed it to my mom and dad to keep.

Since then I’ve been reminding Christine that her wedding etiquette book says that its acceptable for a guest to give their gift up to a certain number of months after the wedding. What I didn’t tell her was that the number of months is three. But since I’ve been home for the past three weeks with no school work hanging over my head and no job to do, I finally sat down and worked on her gift, and now its done! I used watercolor and painted on a lily that was used in her wedding flowers. I don’t claim to be an artist, but I think it turned out pretty well! Feel free to steal the idea—I think it really does make a wonderful gift—just try to get it finished before the wedding.

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    sang - just creeping on your blog. you are a GREAT writer, steph. and a great photographer…photojourn? =P i read the entries written after this one but figured i’d comment to acknowledge the fact that you have at least one phantom reader. =)ReplyCancel

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