College might be one of the best times of your life, but it is definitely one of the strangest.

Think about it. After eighteen years of growing up and living with the same few people who know you inside and out, after making friends at the same schools, after participating in the same activities and sports and jobs, after building up the foundations of the person you are and want to be, you get dropped off in a 12×12 box of a room with a strange person you’ve never met before and you have to start all over. You live with new people, build new relationships and get involved in new things. In the process, if you’re not careful, you can lose parts of who you are that just don’t fit into your new space.

My friend Alexis is an incredible person. She loves Jesus, she runs marathons, she can cook a mean dinner, she knows how to have a good time and on top of it all, she can take care of a person like its her job. What I didn’t know until earlier this year is that she is also a horseback riding Stud with a capital S. She has earned multiple state championships, completed one of the hardest riding tests in 4H, and has the right to call herself an east coast champion. She’s kind of a big deal. But when we live on a college campus without much room to house a horse in our tiny apartments, not many people get to learn this kind of thing about Alexis. Of course, she would never brag openly about all this herself. That’s why I’m going to do it for her.

I got the privilege of watching Lex ride a few months ago and it was seriously fantastic. Tearmag, a horse that she hadn’t ridden in months responded to her every command, even ones that most horse-rider pairs can’t master after months and months of training. She was so in her element in the ring, and I am so glad to have gotten to witness and document something that is such a huge part of her life.

Forgive me, Lex that these are being posted MONTHS delayed, and forgive me anyone who actually checks into this blog for not having blogged in what feels like forever. I hope you enjoy despite the extreme hiatus :)

If you like Alexis’ photos, let her know and show her some love by leaving a comment!

Yes, we did actually get out of the barn.

I’m highly susceptible to boot-envy. Love those bad boys. Please just take a minute to be in awe at how in-sync these two are. Even their hair flows the same way. Please just take a minute to be in awe at how in-sync these two are. Even their hair flows the same way. Sometimes horses noses need to be picked too. Don’t judge her. Sometimes horses noses need to be picked too. Don’t judge her. Favorite. Favorite.

  • May 12, 2011 - 3:10 pm

    Tyler, both of your biggest fans! - That’s awesome. I LOVE the fact that you got to see Alexis in her element, glorifying God, even tho that dang girl can make it look like she knows what she’s doing in any other setting! And while she and her stallion (I mean, like the real horse, not the Allen street boys…) are a great rider-horse combo, gotta say the three of you make a great photographer-models combo…You really captured a very dynamic set of photos where there is no need for captions–really good stuff Steph, WORTH the hiatus! especially because you never get to say the word hiatus otherwise…ReplyCancel

  • May 13, 2011 - 1:32 pm

    sarah - love the photo, love the blog steph. and i love what your wrote about lex, it’s so true. she is incredible. and so are you :) miss you bothReplyCancel

  • May 14, 2011 - 11:03 pm

    Erica - Steph! These pictures are SO pretty. but i have to say, I almost puked at the one where Alexis is picking the horse’s nose. um ew. but great job with the pictures :)ReplyCancel

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