Jess and Phil | State College Engagement Session

There are a million reasons for me to be ridiculously excited about this post, and you should be too.


Yes, this is the first engagement session posted on the blog, but really that pales in comparison to everything else. Three years ago when I was a little baby college freshman living in a dorm room and eating chicken finger wraps like it was my job, I had the lucky fortune of meeting Jess, a hilarious, tiny little blond girl who lived on my floor. I’m blessed to say that Jess and I became great friends after meeting on the fourth floor of Sproul Hall, and she has played such a huge role in my life at college! On one particular evening, though, we’d only hung out a couple of times when she had a date with this boy. I didn’t really know any details about this kid, but a few minutes of Facebook stalking revealed that we had some crazy friend connections from Virginia! Jess came back from her date and we laughed at the randomness and had girl talk about this Phil guy.


Ever since then, I’ve watched them grow from two awkward college freshman who weren’t sure if The Great State of Virginia wasn’t just a little too long distance for them into an incredible Christ-centered relationship who isn’t afraid to do their own thing and be a little crazy. By which I mean that they run marathons together. Only couple I know who can say that.


Jess and Phil, I feel like I’ve these crazy awesome court-side seats to your relationship. From laughing about random connections that very first night, to giddy laughter after he first said, “I love you,” to late night tears because sometimes boys are dumb (sorry Phil!) and endearing “awww”s because most of the time this boy is really sweet, I am so excited to keep these primo seats as your wedding photographer! I couldn’t be happier for you both and am so glad to call you friends. Love you guys and I can’t wait for June! Hope you two enjoy!! Everyone else, leave them some love!


Jess, you’re gorgeous. Phil, you are a lucky man!! This light was just killing me! : )
Favorite. I mean really. Be a little less adorable!

Just throwing Jess off the bridge and into the river. Actually completely normal. Congratulations, you two. Love you!

  • October 17, 2011 - 4:30 pm

    The Subjectivist - That blue dress looks so great on her! Cute photos!ReplyCancel

  • October 17, 2011 - 4:56 pm

    Mrs. McSherry - Great job on the engagement photos Steph!ReplyCancel

    • October 17, 2011 - 9:59 pm

      Stephanie Dee - Thanks Mrs. McSherry! I had such a fun time shooting their session! Glad you like them : )ReplyCancel

  • October 18, 2011 - 8:40 pm

    Unknown - Stephanie, You are a wonderful photographer. Keep up the good work and you will go really far in this business! Beautiful picturesReplyCancel

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