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I have less than one week of classes left in my college career. There is a sentence I did not think I’d be typing this soon. College graduation was always one of those things that was off in the distance, sitting comfortably on the horizon, something to point to and laugh because it wasn’t so threatening when it was so far away. But in less than two weeks I will have my undergraduate diploma in my hand (or at least on its way to me via the good ol’ postal service). I’ve hardly had time to think about the weight of everything over the past few days, because of a final paper I’ve left hanging over my head due Wednesday. But honestly, how could I complete my last week of college without pulling one last all-nighter in true Stephanie style?! Young, wild and free, my friends, young, wild and free.

One of the less-depressing parts of graduation is all of the fun portrait sessions I’ve been able to do recently! Over the past few weeks, I’ve had the chance to photograph friends I’ve made from each of the last four years, ranging all the way back to when I was a tiny baby freshman to some of the amazing people I’ve met this year through my time volunteering for THON. I’m so glad to finally share these (and to procrastinate a little longer from writing that paper.) I hope you enjoy just a few of my favorite from the recent sessions!

Meet Ashley! I had the pleasure of meeting this amazing woman freshman year through an amazing campus ministry called the Navigators. Ash almost never stops smiling. Really. She is one of the kindest people I know and I’ve been so blessed to have her as a friend of the past four years!

The gorgeous Jacqui was one of my roommates during sophomore year. This girl is one of the most intelligent, hardest working people I have ever met. While I would be wasting time on Facebook or spending entire afternoons catching up on the first season of Glee (oh, the Glee obsession phase), Jackie would be spending hours at Starbucks studying for Organic Chemistry. I was so glad to get to catch up with her during her session, and I can’t wait to hear about the amazing things she will do at Emory next year!

Love these!!

Meet Lauren! I was so lucky to have her as my Morale captain buddy this year through THON! She is so hilarious, wild and FUN! We bonded pretty quickly over our obsessive love for Joe Paterno, and I had an absolute blast in all of the THON planning that we shared together!

So cute!

And last but not least, meet the best looking group of industrial engineers I have ever seen! Honestly!

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    Victoria - I love my roommate! She is sooo pretty. And Steph you are so talented!ReplyCancel

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