Penn State Seniors Part II | Portraits

It happened. After four years of class, exams, projects, papers, countless all-nighters, incredible friendships and amazing God moments, I have officially say that I am a Penn State Alumni. Excuse me while I go brush my teeth because that word leaves such a bad taste in my mouth. Alumni.


All kidding aside, I am so grateful for the past four years and can’t even begin to try to recap them for you in this blog post. But I’m also excited for what’s ahead. It’s unknown, but isn’t that the fun part? Who knows where I’ll go and what I’ll get to share with you on this blog, but thats what makes life exciting, no?


What I do know is that I have some awesome people to share with you today! The last round of Penn State senior portraits! I may not have had time to take my own portraits (whoops! Sorry Mom!) but I had so much fun wandering around campus for some of my final moments with these friends. Hope you enjoy!


First up is Lo! If you think from her portraits that Lo is an adorable, sweet, fun person… you have NO idea. Take whatever you’re thinking and multiply it by a million. Lo was one of my THON co-captains this year and she is fantastic. Always smiling. Always laughing. Always there if anyone needed strength or support. I am SO lucky that our paths crossed this year and that am able to call her a friend even after graduation!

Lo Lo, you are GORGEOUS!!

Meet Meagan! I was lucky enough to have her as part of my OPPerations committee for THON this year. I say lucky because she is a sweetheart who isn’t afraid to step up! We also discovered early on in the year that we are both from northern Virginia! You have no idea how exciting it is to meet someone at Penn State who is not only NOT from “outside” Philly or Pittsburgh, but who actually understands the perils of rush hour traffic on 66 and knows what the “DC Drift” is! (That’d be changing from the fast lane to your upcoming exit lane in a matter of seconds for you less skilled drivers out there ;) ) I’m so excited that she will be so close to me at home—the hanging out won’t have to stop!

Love this.

I’ve known the gorgeous Noel since first semester freshmen year. I’ll never forget our late nights in the dorms remaking YouTube videos (think Ouch Charlie!) or our road trip to the beach after freshman year when my driving may have made her fear for her life once or twice. I am so glad that I got to spend some time with her to do pictures before we both left State College! Noel’s smile and laugh are infectious and I needed one last dose of them before they became less readily available!

Noel. Seriously…

And finally we have Dave and Victoria! This shoot was extra fun because these two are ENGAGED!! They’ve got a wedding planned for September, after which they’ll be moving to CHICAGO to put down some new (midwestern) roots! I’m so happy and excited for these two and their next chapter, but was so glad that I could document their senior pictures at the place where their love first started. Dave and Victoria, can’t wait for the wedding and to hear all about your new adventures together!

Definitely a favorite.

Did I mention that Dave proposed at the Joe Paterno statue?? If that’s not Penn State love, I don’t know what is.

Congrats, you two!

Hope you enjoy! Keep an eye on the blog for more posts coming soon, and like Stephanie Dee Photography on the good ol’ Facebook to see more and keep updated on blog happenings! Woo!

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