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Three-day weekends are great because even if you accomplish nothing on Saturday, it’s like you get a free do-over the next day. “Oh? I didn’t put away any of my laundry? Good thing I have two more days!” “Oops, I didn’t make it to the gym today? Two more days!” Which is why I didn’t feel too awful about spending a good portion of my weekend by the pool, doing nothing but reading, napping, and perfecting my swan dive. The perks of living at home. But sometimes you have to wonder if living on your own for four years really means anything to your parents, especially when your mom asks multiple times a day if you’ve remembered to put on sunscreen. There are plenty of perks, but moving home comes with its adjustments as well, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post.

I moved home to my parent’s house three weeks ago after graduation, and for the first time, I had to actually unpack all of my things. For the past three years, I haven’t been home for any period of time longer than a month, so I usually just end up living with my clothes just sprawled on the floor out of my suitcase, which has always thrilled my mother. But this time it’s different.

My room here holds relics of my high school self—art projects, soccer awards, orange and black graduation tassels—but when moving home became permanent, I realized more and more that it doesn’t reflect who I am now. I haven’t had (or needed) the time to keep my room as a reflection of who I am, but now that home is home again, it’s about time to make that happen. Step One of this process meant cleaning out the closet and dresser full of clothes that have just sat for the past four years. Eleven trash bags of clothes delivered to Salvation Army later, and it’s time to move on to Step Two: bring me back into my room.

The fantastic thing about Step Two is that I am a lover of all things crafty. Give me some paper, fabric and a loaded hot glue gun and I will turn a house into a replica of the Gimble’s toy store at Christmas that would make Buddy the Elf proud. So needing to redecorate my room is like an early Christmas present. Belated birthday present? Memorial day potluck dish? Definitely one of those. But this is the fun part: I want to share the projects that I’m doing with you on the blog! No fun in redecorating something if you can’t show it off to everyone, right?

So, we’re starting off today with a pretty simple project inspired by my many hours spent on Pinterest, a Twine-Wrapped Initial! I’ve drooled over letters that I’ve seen at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie for years, but could never bring myself to pay the $12 for them (yeah, I’m cheap). So when my sister gave me a letter for Christmas to decorate I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I’d seen yarn-wrapped letters floating around the internets, which are adorable, but I wanted something a little more Au Natural, so I took the twine route and I’m really happy with the outcome! This is a relatively simple and easy project and can be finished in about half an hour. (You’ll feel SO productive, friends.) Check out the instructions below!


-Wooden Letter, found at Michaels or any other craft store! (Side note: Letters WITHOUT serifs—the little triangles on the end—are probably much easier to work with, and the straighter the letter, the better, you lucky Lisa’s and Tiffany’s. My “S” had serifs and was super-extra curvy, but I still made do, so anything can work!)

-Twine, or yarn or any other string-like thing will do. Want to recycle your old shoe laces? Go for it! Be green!

-Hot-glue gun.

1.) I started by gluing my twine to the back of my letter and wrapping around the serif first. There is no perfect way to do this, but I found after the first side that it was much easier to start your twine at the top or bottom of the serif and then wrap down in a beehive pattern instead of starting from the middle. If you need to cut your twine and start from the top and bottom of the serif, do it! Twine is super forgiving in that it all just blends together. You’ll be able to hide your cut ends later!

2.) Be sure to apply your glue liberally. You won’t necessarily need it to keep every coil in place, but it is certainly helpful for letters that have more awkward shapes like this one. Once you are done covering your first serif, repeat the process on the second (like I forgot to do) until both are covered.

3.) Once both serifs are covered, pick one end to start from and begin wrapping your twine around the rest of the letter, applying plenty of glue every two wraps or so. If you have a lot of spots where the wooden letter is showing through, use more glue!

4.) Continue wrapping and gluing until you reach the opposite end of the letter. (This was about where I realized I should have done both serifs at the beginning. Whoops.)
5.) Once you’ve completed wrapping and gluing, cut your twine and glue to the backside of the letter.

Congrats! You’ve just made yourself a lovely twine-wrapped initial!

Imagine all of the possibilities of this project! Colored yarn! Giant twine-wrapped initials for a reception! The possibilities are endless. Now this baby lives on my bedside table! It’s a small step in the redecoration process, but it’s a step! And there is plenty more to come. And why yes, I do keep a dictionary next to my bed for some light bedtime reading.

Keep checking out the blog this week because there are some BIG changes coming! It’s not just my room that is getting a makeover these days. :)

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