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Jess & Phil | Married

Each story was from a different time in their lives, told by different friends from different places who had completelyView full post »

Katy & Cameron | Downtown Georgetown Anytime Portraits

You know when you have those ingenious ideas that just prove you’re the smartest person in the world? When youView full post »

Listening Lately and a CONTEST

It happens almost every time I create a new Pandora station. I’ll be listening along to the songs I know, hummingView full post »

Jocelyn & Justin | D.C. Engagement Session

She handed her application to the cute boy behind the counter, counting him as a perk of the job hunt and mentallyView full post »

Avery & Wade | West Chester Wedding

It began in India, of all places. She met him and something just felt comfortable. Maybe it was all of theirView full post »