Listening Lately and a CONTEST

It happens almost every time I create a new Pandora station. I’ll be listening along to the songs I know, humming a little too loudly and, if I’m really feeling it, throwing in some sassy head bobbing, when that first new melody pops up and catches me a little off guard. Usually if a new song or artist intrigues me I’ll throw a thumbs-up its way, maybe even bookmark the track if I’m particularly impressed. But, if I’m being honest, my music exploration usually ends there. Oh, how many amazing and talented artists are just sitting, dog-earred on my Pandora account? I can be cheap when it comes to downloading new music. I’m not a pirate (at least not that kind anyways), it just takes a lot to push me to actually log into iTunes and look up the albums that have caught my ear, and then fork over the $14 for the whole album because there’s nothing worse than only owning one great song and wondering what other musical masterpieces I’m missing out on. Most of my music wouldn’t be mine without iTunes giftcards or my sometimes-spur-of-the-moment tendencies. So those bookmarked tracks sit, waiting to one day live in my iTunes library. The one comfort I have is that all of those artists are probably having a party together, doing things indie hipster musicians do like drinking tea and thrifting for a new pair of burgundy skinny jeans. Or a newsboy hat.

BUT. Last week, everything changed. Driving home from work, enjoying the delicious tunes of the Pandora’s M. Ward station, a folksy intro to a song I’d never heard started playing, and I liked it. Four lines into the first verse, and I LOVED it. By the chorus, I was ready to put a ring on it, so I immediately picked up my phone and hit the “download” button as fast as I could. Didn’t even wait to come home. And suddenly, Gregory Alan Isakov’s album, “That Sea, The Gambler” was alllll mine. And the next five times I got in my car, track 2, The Stable Song, was played. On repeat.

Obviously, I had to share my talent scouting abilities with SOMEONE so I told my sister about this great new artist I’d found. I didn’t have the album info pulled up for 0.2856 seconds when she said, “Oh, HIM? He’s great!! But I found him on Pandora like, a year ago.” And then my future as a musical talent scout suddenly went black.

So if you’ve listened to Pandora ever before in your life, maybe you’ve heard of this guy, too. But if not, CHECK HIM OUT IMMEDIATELY!! Buy ALL of the albums! Listen to ALL of the songs! You can thank me later.

But maybe you’re like me and you’re just not down with buying music sans-giftcard. In that case, I’ve got a solution… because it’s TIME FOR A CONTEST!!!

I want you to discover and buy new music. You want you to discover and buy new music. Here’s how you can enter to win one of two FREE $25 iTunes giftcards!:

1) This one’s easy… to be entered to win one of the giftcards, just “like” Stephanie Dee Photography on Facebook between now and 11:59pm on Sunday, June 17, and be entered into a random number drawing for 25 free music dollars!

2) Already “like” Stephanie Dee on Facebook? GREAT! YOU’RE AWESOME! And you can still win some tunes, too! Create a status mentioning Stephanie Dee Photography to tell your friends to check out our page (making sure it creates a link to the page so that I can see it!), and you’ll be entered into another separate random number drawing for another 25 free music dollars!

More friends AND more music! A glorious combination. Now go download some new jams.


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