Katy & Cameron | Downtown Georgetown Anytime Portraits

You know when you have those ingenious ideas that just prove you’re the smartest person in the world? When you can’t help but forget about all of those Harvard geniuses and Mark Zuckerberg or whatever, because you are the most intelligent person on the planet? It’s how the person who first put chocolate sauce in milk must have felt. Or when someone discovered that they could make chalkboard paint. Or the very first time it dawned on me that I could eat peanut butter straight outta the jar. Zero bread necessary. Yes.

That is exactly how I felt about this idea. Only it wasn’t mine. Cameron emailed me a few weeks ago and told me about how he and his girlfriend, Katy, were coming up on their four-year dating anniversary. Since Katy loves photography, Cameron wanted to surprise her with a portrait session for the two of them, for them to remember their time spent in together in DC during college. Genius. Adorable. I immediately responded with a, “YES!” followed quickly by a, “well done!”

Because really, what girl doesn’t want to spend a gorgeous June morning with her man, exploring a location as amazing as downtown Georgetown, taking photos to remember what life is like right now? We wandered around downtown and the Potomac waterfront, soaking up all of the FANTASTIC light that was just waiting for us in the early morning and were able to capture some really great images. Cameron and Katy, I had such a great time getting to know you two! You guys are the sweetest together and the BEST for being willing to wake up at ridiculous hours to take advantage of the early morning!  Congratulations on four years and here’s to many, many more. Enjoy :)

Cameron loves biking, so finding this huge, colorful bike wall was such a gem! Katy, your eyes are so gorgeous!!
Getting this fantastic light looking down M street was one of the morning’s goals. I’d say mission accomplished. To the left, such a favorite!! Oh, hello gorgeous couple. Can someone get these two a modeling contract STAT?

Katy, you are beautiful, girl!


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