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College living is great because it affords itself to makeshift organization solutions. No room for a dining room table? No problem! This lap desk will serve the same purpose as you eat on your bed. The wire rack you found on sale at Walmart will make a great replacement for that pantry you don’t have! No yard to air-dry your clothes? String a chord across your room and call it a clothes line. No one can judge how unsightly your solutions are in college because everyone is in the same exact boat, floating down the river with a lot of holes and scratches, minimal space, and absolutely no money to spare.

Which is why I really didn’t mind keeping my jewelry collection hanging on three white, plastic 3M Command hooks for the past four years. They were practical and didn’t keep me up at night wondering how much of my security deposit would need to be used to fix their holes. But now that I’m home I wanted a prettier and slightly more permanent place to display my ever-growing necklace collection! There are some awesome DIY tutorials out on the internet for necklace organization, one even uses a rake to display your jewelry! But I wanted a place that would afford some surface area to display my awesome earring holder from Urban Outfitters, and I wanted to use some awesome knobs! Cue a trip to Michael’s to find this perfect wooden crate, and the knobbed necklace display was born.

This project can be completely customized to suit your style, and would look really amazing with some beautiful, antique knobs. I unfortunately didn’t have the collection or the time to go knob-hunting, but Lowe’s does have a pretty great selection to choose from! In need of a new, inexpensive jewelry display for yourself? Check out the instructions below!    Supplies:

-Wooden CD/DVD crate from Michael’s. You could really substitute this for any decorative piece of wood, but if you’re looking for some surface area, this is the way to go!

-MinWax Rubbing Oil Stain and Finish. I love this stuff. Much easier/less sticky and messy than regular wood stain. I found it on sale at Michael’s.

-Assorted knobs. I found all of mine at Lowe’s for less than $15 total.

-Tools: sand paper, power drill, screw driver, picture hangers, nails. 1.) Following the directions on your wood stain, sand and stain the crate. Apply multiple coats for a deeper color and shine. Allow to dry. 2.) Drill the holes for your knobs. Be sure to select a bit that is slightly smaller than the width of the screw. Plan where you want each knob and mark it in pencil to insure even spacing. I drilled my holes on what would have been the side of the crate if it were sitting on its base. Because the base was slightly wider than the sides, it afforded more of a shelf surface. It also allowed me to use the opposite side in attaching the crate to the wall. 3.) Install those knobs! 4.) I used saw-tooth hangers and flat-head nails to attach the crate to the wall. I’m sure that there is a more proper way to do this, but I had these supplied readily available and it ended up working out just fine! 5.) Attach your crate to the wall, hang your favorite necklaces, and voila! You’ve got a gorgeous new jewelry display for yourself!  Disclaimer: this is definitely not all of my jewelry. It all fits well and this display is definitely sturdy enough to hold all of it, but the pictures are just prettier this way :) PS- I’m in love with my earring holder! So glad it has a pretty new home now!

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