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Whether it’s a hobby, a job, or because someone wants a good camera to take pictures of their kids, there’s a moment after any person decides to pursue photography, and usually not long after, that they realize just how incredibly expensive a photographic love affair can be. First there’s the camera body. But THEN you have to buy nice lenses to go with it, a camera bag, some memory cards… and just like that you’ve used your entire summer’s camp counselor salary on your new baby camera. (True story.) We haven’t even gotten into the territory of external memory, extra batteries, flash, lens bags, and oh, yes, those beautiful pro-lenses that you’re not sure you’ll ever be able to afford. Photography is like that high-maitenence girlfriend who demands designer gifts every month or else she’ll dump you. And for a lot of people, it’s a deal breaker.

All of these things point to just a few reasons why I was so excited when I discovered Borrow Lenses. A place I could rent that beautiful 70-200mm 2.8 lens even if I didn’t have the money to purchase it myself? Be still, my lens-loving heart.

The only con that I’ve found the the awesome Borrow Lenses company is that yes, you actually do have to send the babies back when your rental is finished. But with so many good things to say about Borrow Lenses, it becomes a little easier to stomach taping up the return box each time. First, they are the most affordable lens rental company I’ve found in all of my research, they offer flexible rental lengths, and have the largest selection of lenses, bodies, and accessories out there that I’ve seen. I’ve never had any issues with any of the gear I’ve received, and when I have needed to talk to a real person, they’ve always been so kind!

I love that renting allows me to “try before I buy.” I could go into a store a test out a lens, but until I’ve had to use it in the midst of battle (ok, maybe a little too intense), I have no idea what it’s really capable of—or what it’s flaws really are. But the thing I love most about renting lenses? It allows me to get shots during a wedding that I never would have been able to with the lenses that I do own, and that helps build my portfolio for future brides to see. Sure, it might not be my lens that captured this shot below from Jess and Phil’s wedding, but it is still my work. And I wouldn’t have been able to get this shot without this lens!

So don’t worry if you don’t have the money to front for a complete pro-lens collection when you’re first getting started in photography—few of us do. For now, I’m choosing to invest my money into my portfolio by renting the lenses I need rather than missing important shots because I don’t have the savings for them yet. Check out Borrow Lenses and test drive some of the equipment that you’ve been dying to use!

PS- Borrow Lenses is having a HUGE 5th anniversary contest on Facebook right now and they’re giving away a new Canon or Nikon camera body! Today is the last day to enter though, so hurry up and check it out here!

  • July 16, 2012 - 12:53 pm

    Hiliary - ohhhh my!! this looks like the perfect thing for me! i’m shooting my cousin’s wedding in october, and have been very nervous/worried about the quality of the pics and not being able to afford the expensive stuff! thanks so much! i’m so excited for this!!ReplyCancel

    • July 16, 2012 - 1:07 pm

      Steph - Hillary, that is awesome!! CONGRATS on shooting the wedding and I’m so glad to know this was helpful! They are such an awesome company!ReplyCancel

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