Jamie & Eric | Baby Bump

I figured out who Eric was when he introduced Jamie to a room full of 300 Penn State students as his “smokin’ hot wife.” As a tiny freshman college student, I’d met Jamie myself before this somewhat unconventional introduction at a Bible study that she led that a girl on my freshman floor, Jess, had taken me to. I can assure you that when I met her, I had no idea the enormous impact Jamie would have on my college career.

I also had no idea what kind of amazing, heart wrenching story she had to share about her life and her relationship with her husband Eric. I promise you, it’s a real life made-for-the-movies love story. I wish I had the time or space to write it down here—and, to be honest, the mental capacity to remember every detail—but you’ll just have to take my word for it (or wait for j&e to write a book someday!). Their story overcomes distance and engagements to the wrong person and time and ALL of the odds, which has to tell you just how perfect for each other they are that absolutely nothing could stop their love.

But I did say it was heart wrenching. Jamie and Eric had been married for seven years when I met them, and for seven years they’d been trying to start a family. With no medical reason for being unable to get pregnant, I watched as Jamie share her confusion and pain. Doctors, special diets, two rounds of IVF. But they never lost hope, and now they have a beautiful baby bump to prove it. The tiny miracle named Brooklyn is due this month, and I for one cannot wait to meet this little girl that has been prayed for and fought for years and years before her birthday.

Jamie and Eric, you two are a beautiful testimony to everyone you meet, and I am so thankful to have you in my life. I know how long you’ve both been waiting to meet this little girl, and I can’t wait for her to come! Thanks for the honor of getting to document this moment in your story.

So much love for that baby bump.
Such a flower child at heart!
Love the one on the left. Jamie, you make a beautiful pregnant woman!

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