Storm Watching

As I was falling asleep last night, a storm was rolling through Northern Virginia. I could hear the low growls of thunder rumbling towards me, and through my closed eyes I saw the muted flash of a particularly bright lightening bolt reflected off of my wall. I rolled over to look out my window and watch the storm roll by just as the rain began to pelt down on the roof. And while watching all of this happen, I thought about how much I love storms, but that if I didn’t love storms, how terrifying would this be? The thunder wouldn’t be calming, it’d be worrisome. And instead of being in awe of each lightening strike, I’d hide my face under the covers.

How many other things in life are like this? Where we would be terrified to move if we didn’t love so much what we were doing? I know it’s how I feel so often in my business and photography. But as I look at all of the things that could be scary and would make me want to hide under the covers, I am excited. Excited for whats coming next.

This weekend is my last wedding of the summer and I could not be more excited to celebrate it with my dear, dear friend Emily and her husband-in-36-hours Mark. It will be the perfect cap to a summer of new experiences, hard work, and big dreams.

And because posts without pictures are seriously boring, here’s me doing what I do at Jocelyn and Justin’s reception. I love behind the scenes images! Thanks to Alison of Alison Dunn Photography for the shot!

  • August 12, 2012 - 4:38 pm

    Christine - Simply Beautiful! You are doing an amazing job!! Keep it up Stephanie!ReplyCancel

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