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I Instagrammed a photo a few days ago, comparing the before and after of some serious (and much needed) damage control on the clutter in my room. What you don’t see in my oh-so-skillfully angled iPhone snaps is the mound of clothes hiding in my closet. Whoopsies.

I am the queen of “cleaning up.” In quotation marks because if I’ve cleaned one area of my space, another one just got a whole lot messier. It’s a pretty bad habit and, at the moment, an endless cycle, but I like to think that it’s not so bad because at least I know where everything IS in my clutter. My own personal organized chaos.

Where this method didn’t work so well was in trying to “clean” my accessories that had collected on my dresser. I may not be the most organized person when it comes to clutter, but I still like for things to look pretty. I bought some large glass kitchen jars a few years ago with plans to make a terrarium. When that didn’t happen, the jars sat in my bedroom, collecting odds and ends like bracelets, nail polish, and headbands that found themselves strewn on my dresser. This was great for de-cluttering, but not so great for my eyeballs that wanted something pretty to look at, and could still see the clutter through the glass. Solution: paint those puppies pretty.

Here’s how to make your own DIY drip paint jars:


– Glass jar/container of any size
– PermEnamel Step 2 glass/ceramics paint in the colors of your choice. I used a combination of Blue Danube, Emperor Blue, and 14K Gold.
– Paintbrush
– A flat, covered surface that can stand to get a bit of paint on it

1.) Choose which color you want to be your primary, top layer. The first color you use will be the outermost layer of paint. Use enough paint to cover the surface area you want covered without going overboard. This can be different depending on the size of the jar and the amount you want to be covered. Not a right or a wrong way, but I’d definitely recommend a few test runs with mason jars to get a feel for what you like!

2.) The PermEnamel bottle specifically says not to mix the paint with water. I’ve never followed directions very well. This step isn’t completely necessary, but I found that diluting the paint with just a little water helps to make it run down the sides of your jar later.

3.) Using the brush, mix the paint and water until most of the area that you want covered is covered. 

4.) From here, you let gravity take it’s course. Turn your jar upside down on your covered surface and let the paint drip down the sides. Keep an eye on your glass to make sure your paint doesn’t run further than you want it to. You can repeat this step as many times as you want, turning the jar back upright and tilting to one side or another to manipulate the paint. Once again, no right or wrong way. Try a few different tactics and see which you like best.

5.) When satisfied with your design, turn upright and let dry completely.

6.) Once your base is entirely dry (I waited 24 hours) start your second coat. Depending on the size of your jar, you can drip the paint or paint it on with your brush. Try to leave the top edge somewhat goopy so that the paint will run more easily.

7.) Once again flip it over and let the paint race until you’re happy with the results. Then turn upright and let dry completely.

Hooray! Your very own pretty container that can hold all of your odds and ends without being an eye sore!

Like I said, I did a few trial runs (no pun intended) with different sized mason jars. I think these could make some great reception details or centerpiece accents as well!

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