Dear Old White and Blue

It’s been a weird past two weeks. As many of my friends have returned to their respective universities and colleges, I’ve been forced to reconcile the fact that my experience as a college student is officially over—no more pretending that I’m just home for summer break, this is real life. I’ve joked about mourning my childhood, but there really has been a sense of mourning for the experiences that I’ll never have again, and for the relationships that won’t necessarily go away, but will certainly be different.

So in the wake of my real life realizations, I was so looking forward to returning to my alma mater (nope, still to weird to say) Penn State, and the visit didn’t disappoint. I got to see great friends, watch an amazing team of Nittany Lions play tough football, and get my fix of Penn State for a bit! Happy Valley has had a tumultuous past year, and anyone who loves the Nittany Lions was just ready to celebrate a new season in Penn State’s history and to watch a little bit of real, live, FOOTBALL! As a student at Penn State, it’s customary to arrive at home games two-three hours early to get good seats, meaning for a noon kickoff, you are waking up EARLY! Though the regular seating at Beaver Stadium could never compare to the pure energy in being a part of the student section, some friends and I decided that we needed to celebrate our freedom from first-come, first-served seating by having a breakfast tailgate! It was a delicious and fitting celebration to a new chapter, both for Penn State and our alumni (I still struggle to say it…) selves.

We started the day with some seriously classy mimosa’s. You know, because we’re so mature and distinguished, now.
Never mind the fact that we had some issues opening the champagne… It was a SCORCHER! And since shade is in short supply on the top of a parking deck, we did what we had to do…
Thanks, Dad, for making a delicious breakfast! Ever since I was a freshman, the virtual parade of fans walking toward Beaver Stadium has been one of my favorite parts of game days.

It was a rough game for the Nittany Lions, but I will never get sick of this sight… So proud of my school! I’m still unsure how I feel about this purchase, but it was time to give in!

I hope you all had fantastic Labor Day weekends filled with family, friends, great food, and maybe even a little college football :)

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