Favorite Things: Moo

It’s a weird name, for sure. I’m not entirely sure what kind of person names their printing business “Moo”, but whoever they are, I think they might be a genius.

Because despite a name that comes out of left field, Moo is one of the best printing companies in the business. Start with a great product, stir in plenty of customizing options and an easy-to-use online design tool, a scoop of great customer service and just a dash of speedy turn around time, and dare I say it, Moo has actually made ordering business cards… fun. After running low on my own stash of cards recently, I was pleasantly reminded how much I love using this company when I received my box in the mail last week. With stickers that proclaim “Yay!” (which happens to be exactly was I said when I opened the package) and fun little extras that hint at what is to come in the world of business cards (bet you never even knew that world existed!), Moo makes sure that you’re not just getting business cards in your box, but an experience that you’ll remember and enjoy—a lesson that any business owner can certainly learn from.

I could tell you all about why I love these cards and why you should too. But honestly, these cards speak so well for themselves that I’d rather just show you. In the mean time, I’ll be contemplating what other kind of business lessons I can learn from Moo. Maybe a name change to Hoot is in order…


(Just kidding.)

Moo cards are such great quality. They’re made of paper from sustainably sources trees and have a laminated coating. I’m always proud to hand these to potential clients!

Look how thick these bad boys are!
One of my favorite things about using Moo is that I can showcase my work on the back of my cards. It’s like giving away a tiny print each time I hand one out. Perfect for photographers! And when you can choose up to fifty different images for the back of your cards, the options quite literally go on forever… And check this out! Moo is working on business cards that, when held up to a smart phone, can trigger a webpage or app to open! These could be huge! And of course I can’t forget, I love that Moo cards come in their own cute little carrying box! Perfect for keeping in my bag!


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