Santiago | Gainesville Portrait Photography

Sometimes moving back to your hometown after being away for four years is a funny thing. One day it will feel as though everything has changed—new stores, new roads, new houses, new people—and the next day, it seems like someone is planning a high school reunion scavenger hunt at every stop you make while running errands. Neither is bad: it is exciting to see the change and fun to see old friends and long lost acquaintances from school, especially when they stop to say hello.

Engrossed in sending emails during an internet trip to Starbucks, I almost didn’t see Santiago walk right by me. In fact, I didn’t. Not until I heard a, “Stephanie?!” from behind me. We talked for a brief moment before he had to run, but just long enough for me to find out that Santiago is a journalist now, and was in need of some new quality headshots. What’s crazy about this isn’t that we were both in our same hometown Starbucks at the same time, but that five years ago, while I was first discovering my dad’s old Nikon F1 and learning what an f-stop was in Photography class, Santiago was writing some killer articles in Journalism. And now here we both are, in the real world, doing the same things that we well in love with in our senior year of high school. Sometimes life is crazy like that.

Of course I was thrilled to photograph Santiago! Catching up on life and sharing our love of Dance Marathons at Penn State and Rutgers, we wandered around a shopping center and random apartment buildings… of all of the places! Headshots haven’t been a big part of my portfolio, but I’m always up for a change of pace and these were actually a lot of fun to do. Enjoy just a few of my favorites!

P.S.- Something I should just get out of the way now, Santiago has AMAZING eyes. I could rave about em before each image, but I’ll hold back…


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