Happies and Crappies: Mustard and Hot Chocolate

In college I was blessed to be a part of a campus ministry organization called the Navigators, and lucky enough to be part of not one but two Bible studies in my four years at Penn State, both full of amazing women whose friendships I still cherish. One of the traditions I picked up through these studies was a weekly sharing of “Happies and Crappies,” or the good and the not-so-great of the past week. It is a Bible study favorite, and now I pass it on to you!


– Snow! Snow! Snow! Yesterday Northern Virginia finally woke up to a fresh blanket of fluffy white goodness lying on the ground. Sure it all melted by midday but for those few hours we had a very welcome winter wonderland. I rocked the Dress Pants Tucked Into Socks look on the way to work to avoid soaked ankles and loved every second of it. Pick up the trend now, it’s gonna be HUGE.
– Mustard. Yellow. Walls. They’ll be showed off in their full glory soon enough in an upcoming blog post but this week I fought against my fake fear of commitment and slapped some paint on my tiny office closet walls. Sometimes I just stare at the walls in happiness. The color is honestly named just “Mustard Yellow” and if I could I would paint it on every thing in my life.
– To Do lists! Between my business list, my job list, my shopping list and my meal planning list (who knew meal planning was so fun, by the way??), I would be lost in a haze somewhere between “What time did I say I’d call her?” and “Crap. What kind of pepper goes in that soup?” My lists keep me sane. I’m a big fan of good old fashioned notebooks and Post-It’s, but my favorite iPhone app for keeping track of my thoughts is “Do!” It’s pretty, lets you sort tasks by dates and with colored flags, AND when you’ve completed an item, it scratches it out just like I would in a notebook. Awesome!

Not a shabby view to wake up to.


– Driving in snow. Once you know that I drive a Honda Civic, no further explanation is necessary.
– Renting rules. I painted my office because it’s a tiny space that can be easily reset to Boring White and will one day again be covered by closet doors, but the nice paint mixing man at Lowe’s forgets to tell you that painting your walls is like getting tattoos—ink one up and you’re bound to crave more. Unfortunately, I doubt my landlord would be cool with a Mustard Yellow living room. The search for creative rental solutions continues!
– Hot Chocolate calories. Honestly, when it’s only 16 degrees outside, any delicious hot beverage should be a freebie. Who can I petition about this?

Have any Happies and Crappies of your own this week?

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