The Viewfinder: February 2013

I just had as hard a time typing “February” as all of those Subway spokespeople had saying “FebruANY.” Which is a made up word, by the way. Somehow I think that is -1 for me.

Maybe you’re snickering at the title of this post. The Viewfinder? Really? It does err on the side of cheesy, I’ll admit, but it’s also pretty relevant to posts about my goals and is also 100% better than writing a “My [Month Goes Here] Goals” blog post at the beginning of each month. Still, do you think you have a better idea? I’d love to hear it, so leave it in the comments section and WHO KNOWS! You could re-title my goals series!

February DO’s:

– Brainstorm a “February Shooting Challenge.”
My shooting slate for February isn’t packed, and my two biggest jobs of the month already took place this weekend (an engagement session and second shooting a wedding—can’t wait to share!), that means that I have to come up with my own shoots to continue to make myself better and get practice in!

– Finish decorating and organizing my Office Nook at blog it!
I have so much to share about the new town house I’m living in, but what I’m most excited to show you is the Office Nook, as I’m lovingly calling it. One more trip to Ikea and a little bit of organization has to happen before it’s ready for prime time, though.

– Continue to be even more consistent in blogging.
I’ve felt really good about blogging so far in 2013, thanks to my new blogging calendar and a more consistent schedule! Still, I’ve let the ball drop a few times and want to work harder to make sure that doesn’t happen.

– Sample albums.
It is about time, and it IS happening this month! There is no reason why I shouldn’t have some beautiful albums featuring my 2012 weddings to show off to potential clients. I can’t wait to get these puppies!

– Submit at least two 2012 weddings at features.
In all honesty, this should have already happened, but like my sample albums I’ve just let it slip. Time to make it happen!

This all may not seem like a ton, but let’s remember that February is a short month (and we’re already four days in!). Here’s to productivity, accountability, and learning how to correctly pronounce “Februany”.

And oh, what’s a blog post without a little sneak preview of some Baltimore engagement goodness? Sarah and Matt’s full post will be on the blog this week!

  • February 4, 2013 - 12:09 pm

    Kara - As far as wedding albums. I recommend They offer some amazing customization (over places like snapfish/ shutter fly) and they are very high quality.ReplyCancel

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