Favorite Things: The Crazy Owl Lady

I’m not sure how it happened. Or when, for that matter. But slowly and surely, one by one, they’ve arrived. Like a tiny adorable army, wielding giant eyes that could pierce the nonchalant heart of any hipster, they now guard my bookshelf, my walls, my desk…

Of course I’m talking about the owl collection I’ve somehow come to own. I’ve always been afraid of a lifelong fate of being a Crazy Cat Lady. You know, those 70-year old women who never got married and instead poured all of their love into a cat, and then another, and another, and then four more… Until one day they end up on Hoarders and OH NO FLUFFY’S BEEN SQUISHED UNDER A PILE OF OLD TRASH FOR THREE MONTHS!!! Yup, that Crazy Cat Lady. My fingers are crossed that I will escape that gruesome fate, and have somehow happily traded it in for the title of Crazy Owl Lady. For birthdays, Christmas, thank you gifts, owls seem to make others think of me and I LOVE it! I literally own a few owls from all over the world: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and that far away land called Target. Really, do I sound insane yet? I do like to keep my collection well-curated, which is tough, because there are A LOT of cute owls out there. I might not need (or have the budget or space for) every adorable owl that’s being made these days, but dang it, the ones I do have are just so awesome and they make me smile and think of the beautiful people who have given them to me.

Happy Monday! May the owls make your day just a little brighter :)
These two were a gift from the amazing Avery Marks, as a thank you for the very first wedding I ever photographed solo. Dexter, the Owl Lamp, got his name from riding in the front seat of my car while moving once. My Dark Passenger.

Have a crazy weird collection of your own? Share with us!
  • February 11, 2013 - 11:33 am

    Ali - i LOVE the green coat hooks! soo cute. i can’t wait to see your finished room!!!ReplyCancel

  • February 11, 2013 - 12:16 pm

    Christine - I do enjoy that I have given you two of the eight you show. Watch out! Your birthday is coming soon and they might double! :)ReplyCancel

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