The Viewfinder: March 2013

Today is March 6th. March 6th?? MARCH 6th. You know, the March 6th that means it’s a little silly for me to still be telling the folks that I meet, “I just graduated from Penn State!” since it is has now been over 10 months since I was legally considered an undergraduate student. (My PSU ID doesn’t have an expiration date though, so with that in my hand I’d like to see you try and convince me that I’m actually not a credit-earning member of higher education.) It’s the March 6th that makes me realize that just six months ago fall was starting to turn and I drove the Virginia mountains painted in crimson, fire orange and gold and plugged my ears as the summer-lovers told me it was too early to wear sweaters and boots. That March 6th that means that wedding season is JUST around the corner and thrills me to happiness when I think of the fantastic people that I’ll get to work with in my job this summer. I don’t know where the time has gone, and it scares me to think that it doesn’t ever slow down from here, but I am also so excited to see what these future rushing months will bring along with them.

Today, it also happens the March 6th that brings SNOW—and a whole heckuva lot of it! I’m having a different kind of snow day today: my first grown-up work-from-home snow day! Maybe it’s not as fun as a day of baking cookies, building snowmen and drinking hot cocoa, but it is still a first and it is exciting in its own right! So I hope all you who are completely off today eat an extra cookie for me, and those of you who have to venture out into the Tundra to get to where you’re going, stay safe!

A bit of my view on an early morning walk today.

February DONE’s:

– Brainstorm a “February Shooting Challenge.” — Well, it was brainstormed, and I know what I want to do, but it seems like it will be more a combo February/March challenge! The good news? With daylight savings time around the corner, I’ll have so much more light to work with soon!

– Finish decorating and organizing my Office Nook at blog it! — ALMOST there! I have just a few final finishing touches to add before it makes its debut, but my little Nook is already making my work time more enjoyable.

– Continue to be even more consistent in blogging. — Well. The good news is that there is always the next month!

– Sample albums. — Will be ordered this weekend! Another goal bleeding into February, but I’m so thrilled for this one that it’s hard to mind.

– Submit at least two 2012 weddings at features. — Not accomplished. To try and fix it this month, I’ll be writing my goals down and displaying them right in front of my eye balls on my office wall. That way there is no shimmying around them!

March DO’s:

– Complete my February/March shooting assignment.

– Get those sample albums.

– Finish my office!

– Submit at least two 2012 weddings at features.

– Organize and submit taxes. 

Not the most fun or exciting to-do. In fact, taxes terrify me a little bit because they are so darn confusing! I don’t think “confused” is a legitimate plea to the IRS, however.

– Photograph Maggie and Dan’s wedding!

The end of March will be extra wonderful because of these two! I can’t wait to reconnect with them and photograph what I know will be an absolutely amazing day, and my first wedding of 2013!

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