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Emily & Chris | Penn State Engagement Session

Choosing what you’d like to do for the rest if your life can be hard. Especially when you’re 18 yearsView full post »

Two Truths and a Lie

I’ve never been further west than Ann Arbor, Michigan. I’ve rocked the exact same haircut my entireView full post »

Happies and Crappies: Just Happies

It is Birthday Week. There has been absolutely GORGEOUS weather in Virginia. I’ve eaten cake 4 out of the past 5View full post »

Favorite Things | National Sibling Day

I may be a day late, but quite frankly I had no clue that national sibling day even existed untilView full post »

It’s my birthday!!

This morning around 8 o’clock plus a few minutes marked the end of my twenty-third tripView full post »

A New Baby | Nikon D800

I started this blog in September of 2010 when I bought my first DSLR, a Nikon D90. Between photography classes andView full post »

Meet: Lindsay

I am incredibly blessed to live with three gorgeous roommates who don’t mind me exploiting them  being my models!View full post »

Meet: Amber

 Sometimes new living arrangements can be so… new. New rooms, new furniture, new rules from your landlord, newView full post »

The Viewfinder: April 2013

Ok, ok, April fools, very funny. Now be real with me and tell me that it is actually still December, right? RIGHT?? IView full post »