The Viewfinder: April 2013

Ok, ok, April fools, very funny. Now be real with me and tell me that it is actually still December, right? RIGHT??

I will never know where the days, weeks, and months go. I look under the bed and between the couch cushions and even dig in the back of my sock drawer—which is SAYING something if you know how ridiculously packed that drawer can get!—and I never find a single hour. I’m slowly but surely learning that once those hours, days, weeks, and months are gone, they’re gone forever, and in that knowledge I’m learning to squeeze the fresh, pulpy juice out of every moment I have. March has been especially satisfying in that tangy and sweet fresh-squeezed lemonade kind of way because of all that’s been accomplished. Productivity, folks, it is thirst quenching! Here’s to an April that continues the pattern!

March DONE’s:

Complete my February/March shooting assignment. I’m marking this one as done even though I have one piece left to complete! I’ll be sharing the photos from this “assignment” later this week, but as a sneak peek I can tell you, you’ll get to meet my new roommates on the blog! They’re real pretty and make great models. ;)

Get those sample albums. 99.9% DONE!!! 

Finish my office! Done AND up on the bloggity. If you missed it, check out my favorite little office nook right here.

Submit at least two 2012 weddings at features. DONE! Dang it, checking things off the list feels pretty great.

Organize and submit taxes. YUP. Which is a great thing because we all know that April 15 is coming up a heck of a lot faster than we think it is!

Photograph Maggie and Dan’s wedding! If you haven’t seen this gorgeous classic wedding yet, what are you waiting for?

– Extracurricular accomplishments: Who knew that checking off extra goals was even possible?? It was in March when I completed almost all of my 2013 equipment goals!! I have some new babies to introduce you to that will be showing up on the blog in the next week or so. Love the smell of new Nikon plastic in the morning.


April DO‘s:

– Turn 23? Talk about April fools jokes, in a week I’ll turn 23 years old. That’s weird enough to type in a sentence. If any one needs me in the next seven days, I’ll be locked in my room having a continuous dance party to T. Swift’s “22,” because I’m pretty sure once you’re a day over it’s impossible to hear that song anymore. Something science-y about ears and high frequencies or something like that.

Rework my blogging calendar. My calendar has been incredibly helpful for planning in advance, but not so great for keeping me accountable to its schedule. All this may take is posting my calendar in a super-visible place (it worked the last month with my goals!), but something definitely needs a change-up.

– First steps of an online update! It’s time to venture past the world of blogs and into the realm of websites! I definitely can’t do this alone, though, so I’m recruiting some help :)

– April engagement sessions! I am so thrilled for the sessions lined up towards the end of this month. A few have been in the works for months and I’m so excited to finally meet/reconnect with these couples! And to enjoy weather that is (fingers crossed) a little bit spring-ier than March has been.

– State College visits! This one is less of a goal and more of an exciting event, but I’ll be making two trips up to Penn State this month! One with the express purpose of celebrating my wonderful friend Jill at her Meyers-Briggs themed bridal shower!! It is going to be wonderful and I couldn’t be more excited for it!

– Actively reach out to local photographers. Not an easy goal to type out. Somewhere hiding deep in the back of my mind is a voice that says, “Don’t do it,” every time I think about reaching out to other area photographers. Maybe it goes back to the fear of calling myself a photographer. When I first started shooting engagements and weddings, it was terrifying to tell ANYBODY that I was a photographer. I would literally stop mid-sentence and feel the need to explain myself before finally spitting out the word. Afraid of being called a fake or a fraud. After encouragement from friends, family and even a few professors, I finally feel comfortable and confident approaching others and saying the four simple words, “Hi, I’m a photographer!” But stick me in a room full of other photographers and I’m right back where I was, stuck in a bad dream terrified that someone will be able to see through my thin confidence and pinpoint me as someone who doesn’t know everything about posing or lighting or the wedding industry. And in this nightmare I’m laughed out of the room and someone takes my camera away from me and gives me a laughably oversized pin that reads, “FAKE.” It’s a little ridiculous, I know, but the feelings are real. The truth, though is that I can only grow so much by myself, with my own experiences. By becoming a part of my local photography community, I can share with others, learn from others, AND talk nerdy photography talk with others—which, let’s be honest, is a pretty big PRO ;)

And, of course, what’s a post without a picture? Here’s a peek at two of my hired models roommates that you’ll meet this week!


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