Meet: Lindsay

I am incredibly blessed to live with three gorgeous roommates who don’t mind me exploiting them  being my models! If you haven’t already met Amber, check out her post here! And keep an eye out for Aaren, who will be up soon!

You might recognize Lindsay from a recent shoot I posted of the band Revely, and that’s because she’s a rock star. No, really! She is! She’s even got a glittery electric guitar and some superb songwriting skills to prove it. One of my favorite things about my room in our house is that it’s right next to Lindsay’s, which means I get some private and uber-exclusive (though sometimes muffled) concerts through the wall we share. It’s kind of a big deal and I can’t wait for when she’s touring the world and I can tell everyone I know that we used to share a bathroom. But don’t worry, I’ll leave out the part about all of the bobby pins I tend to leave on the counter. Lindsay is hilarious, joyful, passionate and ALWAYS laughing. She’s also maybe just a little on the crazy side which I why I think we get along. ;) Plus, did I mention she’s a babe? Yes? Oh well, it’s worth repeating…

See? Babe-alicious.

Favorite! Favorite! Favorite!

This alleyway was magical.

Linds has a little hood rat in her ;)


So random, but I’ll end with these! I love em!

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