Two Truths and a Lie

I’ve never been further west than Ann Arbor, Michigan.

I’ve rocked the exact same haircut my entire life.

When I was young, I showed goats. Competitively.

Think you know which one is the lie? How about some hints? First of all, I’m an east coast girl. A Virginia girl, born and raised, to be exact. I’ve spent many a summer vacation playing in the Atlantic Ocean, but I’ve never dipped my toes in the warm waters of the Pacific. Also, I’m convinced that from birth to age 16, I looked exactly the same. Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. For 16 years of my life, I rocked the middle part with no bangs because an obnoxious cowlick in the middle of my hairline wouldn’t allow it. It wasn’t until I was a sophomore in high school that I realized I wasn’t legally required to evenly divide my hair to each side of my head, and the side part became my new staple.

Figured it out yet? I’ll spell it out for you: my most western boarders were set during a Penn State-Michigan football game in Ann Arbor in 2009. I have, in fact, ever changed my hair style. (Y’all should be thankful. I once had crazy long amish hair that I eventually donated to Locks of Love. A great cause that also saves a lot of girls like myself from looking like a ridiculous hippie.) And yes, yes I did show goats when I was in elementary and middle school. Competitively.

It makes a great truth in my Two Truths and a Lie strategy, but I always feel like the goat thing needs a little bit of back story, so here goes: most girls in elementary school are a part of Girl Scouts, but when I got to kindergarten, my wonderful family friends, the Kritters, decided to start a 4-H club instead. Something about less rules and more fun. I was all for it! 4-H meant that we got to go on field trips to the back of grocery stores and funeral homes (yes, you read that right). It meant summer camps and backpacking trips through the Blue Ridge Mountains when I was 10 years old. 4-H also meant having a project as a club, and our club leader, Lynne decided that their project would be Nigerian dwarf goats.

Nigerian dwarf WHAT? They’re kind of like pygmy goats, which you might be more familiar with. At any rate, all you really need to know is that they are ADORABLE. Especially when they’re kids (the technical term for a baby goat, FYI). And as an elementary school obsessed with adorable animals (who am I kidding? I’m a grown adult and I’m still obsessed with adorable animals), I was all about showing goats. The Kritters bred their herd and kept them as beloved pets, but also found themselves with goats that were some serious winners in the show ring. Go to a goat show, get to see adorable baby goats all weekend, AND win giant ribbons while doing it? You better believe I signed up REAL quick.

Fast forward 15 years and the Kritter family are still some of my favorite people. Though they moved 45 minutes away after elementary school, we always kept in touch and scheduled regular visits out to their gorgeous Culpeper, Virginia farm, a farm that for me will always be full of fun, love, and PLENTY of animals. Their last name isn’t Kritter for nothing, they certainly earn it. I absolutely cherish my friendships with their entire family, and though four years of school in Pennsylvania made my visits out to their farm a little less frequent, I am so happy to be back in the area and able to visit more often. The farm and time spent with the Kritters is rejuvenating, refreshing and ALWAYS hilarious. And in spring, you better believe it is full of baby goats! This past weekend I got the chance to visit for a few hours and catch up, and when the farm light turned golden and the brand new baby goats were looking just too cute, I couldn’t help but grab my camera for a mini afternoon pet photo shoot! Be warned: once you see these adorable babies, you will want one for yourself. I do know a guy though, so I just might be able to hook you up. Enjoy the adorability!

Goat nose! The cutest!

Seriously, you guys… Magic farm light + wobbly goat legs… yes please. 

Want one yet?

Goats aren’t the only new babies on the farm. Andy, the doberman, is also precious!

And maybe a little sleepy…

And some baby kittens, who you may be seeing more of in the future :)
And in with the goats, horses, chickens, dogs, and cats, the Kritters still find room in their hearts for a whole lot of chihuahua love. <3

  • April 18, 2013 - 9:18 am

    Sarah Dee - It is stupid how cute those things are.ReplyCancel

  • April 18, 2013 - 10:02 am

    Emily - You’re right, I WANT ONE! Those are the cutest things I’ve ever seen!ReplyCancel

  • April 18, 2013 - 6:34 pm

    Pam - I remember that field trip to the nursing home. Not my favorite. My favorite was our Ladybug hats.ReplyCancel

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