The Viewfinder: June 2013

It is June, my friends, and this month instead of wondering where the heck May went I’m choosing to be really ridiculously excited for everything that will come along with the hot, humid, glorious summer feeling of June! So far, here’s what I’m looking forward to:

– Weddings! Weddings! Weddings!
– Planning a fabulous baby shower for my oldest sister. There will be cupcakes and plenty of bunting, so you know I’m excited.
– Hunting down at least one Sno-Cone and reliving my childhood as it melts all over me.
– A couple of road trips! (And jamming to the Gatsby soundtrack during ALL of them.)
– Sneaking in a few afternoons by the pool, ignoring the fact that I am a super pale ginger and working on my freckle tan :)
– The longest day of the year and summer light that lasts until 9 PM.
– Sitting on the porch and listening as summer thunderstorms roll through.

Oh yes, June will be good. But first, a quick look at what MAY or MAY not have happened last month. (See what I did there??)


May DONE’s:

– Rework my blogging calendar. The quest for more consistent blogging continues!

– Actively reach out to local photographers.

Prepare for full-on wedding season! I got a lot organized in May and though there is still plenty to be done, I’m feeling good about it all!

May engagement sessions! Loved these couples!

Album Design. A work in progress, but we’re getting there!

– LATE ADDITION: Jill and Phil get married!!! I didn’t mention this in my May Viewfinder post, but two weekends ago, one of my best friends and definite Soul Sister Jill said I do to her wonderful husband, Phil!! The entire weekend was the perfect celebration of two truly amazing people, and I couldn’t be more excited that my friend is now a WIFE! I even got to experience her wedding from the other side of the lens as a bridesmaid! Such a fun time. Here’s a shot from before she was a Mrs. as we celebrated her bachelorette party:


June DO’s:

– Start utilizing ShootQ. Sometimes between the emails, shooting, editing, blogging, meeting, packaging, shipping AND my part-time real world job, I start to go a little crazy. The emails pile up until I can’t decipher yet another Gap sale offer from an actual important email from a bride. Not ok. Enter: ShootQ. It’s an online wedding photography organization tool that I’m hoping will help me get little pieces of my life back! After a few weeks of putting it through the actual paces, I’ll definitely be writing an update of how I like it!

– Weddings! Weddings! Weddings! June is wonderful because it is FULL of weddings! This past weekend Taylor and Mat tied the knot and everything about the day was absolutely fabulous. They’ll be up on the blog later this week! The other four weddings of the month will all be part of action-packed double header weekends. I CAN’T WAIT!!

– Travel fun. Speaking of double header weekends, they are all over the place! The first will be in Pennsylvania and then a Pennsylvania/New York combo. It’ll be crazy but also an adventure!

– Editing Turnaround. In the midst of one of my busiest wedding months, this will HAVE to be a major focus. The work is worth it!

– Baby shower!! June isn’t all work and no play. My beautiful sister is due with her first baby at the end of August and this month we will be celebrating the anticipation of that little tater tot at her baby shower! It’s nautical themed, with stripes and anchors and adorable phrases like “Baby on Board!” so you know I’m excited :)

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