Favorite Things: Madera Books

When I was going through my internship with Sarah Barlow two years ago (two years ago!?), I distinctly remember her commenting on how one of the most exciting parts of wedding photography is finally receiving albums, and man, was she so right. Of course, it’s amazing to see that very first blog post or to deliver the hundreds of images that completely document the day to clients, but there is something about a wedding album—about being able to hold the entire story of your wedding day in your hands and see the day unfold page after page—that will never be replaced by blog posts or plus sites or slideshows set to music.

So, in knowing how important albums are to the amazing people I get to call my clients, I also know how important it is to work with a really amazing book maker, and I am SO thankful to have found exactly that in seriously wonderful company of Madera Books. I design the layout of each book myself, but I use Madera exclusively for all of my album making needs, and here’s why: every single book that Madera creates is made by hand, with the best materials around, in the fastest time possible and by the nicest people. Amazing quality, fantastic craftsmanship and a whole lot of love in each book? That sounds like a company I want to work with.

I could talk all day about how great I think Madera is, but I’d really rather just show you! So, here’s a peek at Emily and Mark’s 12×12 premium leather wedding book that I just recently received and am LOVING! I designed and ordered one for Emily and Mark and loved it too much so had to order a sample for myself. Can’t wait to show off this (huge) bad boy at future client meetings!

Even the box it arrives in is absolutely beautiful.

And then you open it up! Em and Mark chose this awesome Olive premium leather which perfectly complimented their wedding colors.
Twenty-four inches of print space? Yes please! Love 12 x 12 albums! All of the materials that Madera uses are archival quality, so you know that these books will last for generations.
Look at that page thickness! Flush-mount page and a lay-flat gutter means that no part of your images gets lost in a spread. Amazing quality.

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