Sarah & Jack | Rockford Plantation Wedding

Most engagement rings—by themselves—don’t have much meaning. Of course, they are always beautiful works of art, but until they are brought out from behind that glass case, scrutinized, inspected, and finally decided as worthy to adorn the hand of the nerve-wracked man’s better half, the ring is just a pretty piece of of metal and a well-polished hunk of carbon.

But this wasn’t most engagement rings.

Jack knew that he wanted to make Sarah his wife, but he also knew that most engagement rings just wouldn’t do. The solution? He made his own. Let me repeat: Jack created (by hand!) the ring that he would use to ask the love of his life to marry him. Without any prior jewelry making experience, Jack read books and studied online and poured his creativity and time and love into the work of art that is now the perfect symbol of all that their relationship—their marriage—is: unique, delicate, full of intricate and creative details, and, of course, absolutely beautiful.

And their Rockford Plantation wedding day was yet another perfect reflection of who Sarah and Jack are. Full of life, love and fun, accented by absolutely gorgeous and creative details, and, most importantly, centered around the Lord. Sarah and Jack, I wish you the absolute best in your life together! You are both amazing individuals, and together you are a pretty incredible pair. Thank you for being the loving people that you are, thank you for inviting me into this part of your story, and thank you for allowing me to be the one to document your seriously one-of-a-kind love.

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Devlin.

Sarah’s Mori Lee lace dress? I die. Such an incredibly beautiful bride! Nothing like a little pre-wedding croquet ;) While I was grabbing the shots above, Aaren of Aaren Lee Photography was snapping these below. So many thanks to her for being my stellar second shooter!

The sweetest flower girl.

Rockford Plantation is such a gorgeous venue!

Oh, you GUYS are so good looking.

And then the magical light swept across the plantation and the day was made THAT much more perfect.

Love. Love. Love.

Sarah and Jack’s details were pretty incredible. Right down to the hand-painted lawn game signs!

Jack displayed the workbench and tools that he used to create Sarah’s ring. Such an amazing and personal touch.

And then my heart melted.

A little bonfire and laser fun to finish the night!

And, of course, a huge thanks to Sarah and Jack’s vendors:
Venue » Rockford Plantation, Lancaster, PA
Tent » Great Event Rentals
Dress » Mori Lee, Style 1862
Dress Boutique » In White, Lancaster, PA
Men’s Suits » Me’s Warehouse
Shoes » Ivanka Trump
Florals » Tim Harbison
Farmwood Tables » Barnes Handcrafted Farmwood Tables
Caterer » Rettew’s Catering
Bakery » La Dolce Vita Courthouse Bakery, Lancaster, PA & Achenbach’s Pastries, Leola, PA
Wedding Bands » Harry K, Rehoboth, DE

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    The photos were as wonderful as the day. Thank you so much for capturing the event so beautifully!ReplyCancel

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