Ahoy! It’s a boy! | A Nautical Baby Shower

Call it bad planning, call it poor timing or maybe attribute it to the crazy genes that seem to keep us going 24/7, but this year at the end of June, my mom and I were really the LAST people who should have been planning a baby shower. My mom is a public school administrator and is always slammed with end-of-the-year craziness at this point in the calendar, and as a wedding photographer with five weddings this month, you can bet that I’m feeling the heat of the schedule as well. But more important than the never-ending parent calls my mom receives on a daily basis and more real than the ever growing line-up of photos I have to edit is the love that my mom and I have for my sister, Christine, and that tiny, adorable baby she’s carrying around for the next two months. So, back in February when Christine asked what weekend would work best to plan, I was ALL IN! Plus, who doesn’t love planning for an awesome party on Pinterest these days!?

It was wonderful to see all of Christine’s friends and family come together to support and love her, her husband Jason and their new little nugget this past Saturday. Amidst some of the crazy last minute food-prep, decorating and arranging, I took a moment to take one deep breath and realized impossible it would have been to plan and organize the whole celebration on my own, and the love and support that friends and family showed for my sister and her soon-to-be little family in their willingness to both celebrate AND help plan was completely amazing and overwhelming—and I’m not even the pregnant one!

After all of the food was made, decorations were placed and gift table set, I had all of about three minutes to snap a few shots of the party! Enjoy a look at our little nautical-themed summer baby shower for my future NEPHEW!! Ahh!

HUGE thanks to Christine’s wonderful friend Cynthia Bodnar for creating the gorgeous cake and adorable cupcakes! So cute AND delicious!

Seriously. That crab! C works at the FBI, so this will be the perfect shirt for the little guy to grow into!

So thankful for this photo. Love my family to the moon!

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