Heather & David | Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session

Do you ever meet someone and get along so well that you know if ONLY you’d met in high school you would have just been BFFaeaeae? With matching heart necklaces and friendship bracelets and the whole shebang.

I met Heather for coffee a few months ago to chat about her wedding plans and what she and her fiancé, David were looking for in their wedding photography, and it in a matter of minutes we had spun off topic from wedding plans and colors to expressing our mutual love for day-long Hulu marathons and how we both agree that it’s just SO HARD to remember to take the frozen hamburger out of the freezer in the mornings and the best method of speed-defrosting. (The struggle is real, y’all.) And that’s when I knew I’d have to bust out the neon-colored thread because Heather wasn’t going to be the kind of client who was “just a client.” It’s friendship bracelet time!

Ok, so we haven’t made any friendship bracelets (yet!), but I did have an absolutely hilarious and adventurous time with Heather and David during their Old Town Alexandria engagement session this past Sunday. Despite some seriously threatening storm clouds, a bit of a mid-shoot rain delay and an almost-forgotten purse, I’m almost certain that I laughed throughout 80% of our time together. You just can’t be around Heather and David and not appreciate their oh-so-obvious love for each other or their joy for life. Or David’s animal impersonations of stray cats and park geese. (Seriously, they’re really good!)

So enjoy a few of my favorites from our time in Alexandria and get so excited to see these two again next February for their Valentine’s Day wedding!!

I love me some old alleyways!

Gosh, you two are just adorable.

A little “rooftop” action!

Love love LOVE the one on the right!

One last kiss before we went to hide out from the rain!

Sometimes I like to make my clients practice their dips. I’m just a romantic that way.


Then we found the perfect yellow door…

…and laughed a bit after it’s owner came outside to see what these hooligans were up to ;)

Heather, you are a stunner!! Work, girl. Work.

Soaking up the last rays of light…

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