Behind the Lens: Vacation Days

This past week, the blog sat quietly. I may have even seen some tumbleweeds blow through. My email inbox was unattended as the “unread” count slowly grew larger and larger. Every once in a while, my Facebook page lit up with the mellow tans of the sand and the striking blues of the water. That’s right, it was vacation week.

In the midst of one of the craziest summers of my life, my arms were stretched wide like Rose on the bow of the Titanic, ready and waiting to embrace a week full of sun, sand, fruity drinks and freckle tans. (I am still a ginger, you know.) The break was welcome and wonderful, and now I’m more ready than ever to get back to shooting, editing, and tackling that inbox of mine! And get ready for a banner week on the blog! I’ll be showing off the gorgeous wedding of Sarah and Matt and sharing an amazing vineyard engagement session! Can’t wait to share!

Snuck to the beach on our last day and got to watch this gorgeous sunrise.

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