Mindy & Dax | Barrel Oak Winery Engagement Session

“He basically proposed to me with an onion ring.”

Dax laughed, but quickly corrected Mindy, “Of course, that’s not the whole story. Here, let me tell it.”

Mindy and Dax met while waiting for a college biology class to start. The only two there before the professor arrived, Dax saw his chance and ran with it. He introduced himself and got Mindy’s number just in case either ever needed a “study partner,” but he knew that he wanted to get to know Mindy better than that—with plenty of time outside of bio class.

Fortunately, Mindy felt the same way, and their study partnership turned into friends turned into something much more than that, and they started building a life—together. So a few years of dating and one adorable bichon-frise fluffball named Daisy later, Mindy was ready to make things official, but her hints for a ring were often met with offers to go to Burger King to pick up some onion rings.

But one night, after a particularly rough day, Mindy came home from grabbing dinner with Dax and he tossed her a Burger King bag. “Here, I got you that ring you’re always asking for,” he said with a slight smirk. And—with a slight eye roll, I’m sure!—Mindy went to the kitchen to put her onion rings in the fridge. When she turned around, there was Dax, on one knee and with the most gorgeous diamond ring in his hand, asking her to be his wife.

I was SO thrilled to have the chance to document Mindy and Dax’s engagement photos last weekend at the incredibly gorgeous Barrel Oak Winery! As big wine and vineyard lovers, it was the perfect location for these two. Add in some fantastic weather and gorgeous glowy light, and it was a dream engagement shoot! Enjoy a few of my favorites, and congratulations Dax and Mindy!!

LOVE these! So adorable.

Of course it wouldn’t have been complete without Daisy! These three make such a cute little family!

Mindy! Those eyes!

Love this one :) Dax is known for his incredible collection of Jordan’s, so of course they had to make an appearance ;)

Looking good, you two!

And can we all just take a minute to drool over Mindy’s INCREDIBLE ring?


A little celebrating.

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