Bridget & Steven | DC Kitchen Engagement Session

I met Steven and Bridget a few months ago over coffee and immediately knew that they would be an amazing couples to work with. These two have a style all their own, and put thought and meaning into everything they do together, bucking trends and creating their own norms. For their wedding, this will mean a TON of unique, handpicked details and decisions that will brilliantly reflect who Bridget and Steven are together, which is pretty much any wedding photographer’s dream!

For their engagement session, it meant doing something a little outside the status quo, and I was so excited for it! Steven and Bridget just recently bought a house together in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of DC, and since they both love spending time together in the kitchen, creating delicious baked goods and yummy drinks, what setting could have been more perfect for their engagement photos than their brand new kitchen?! I was so excited to photograph them spending time and doing life together in their new home, and was so honored to be welcomed in as a friend to their gorgeous, gorgeous house.

But it’s not just their unique details or adorable flour fights that will make you fall in love with these two. It’s the way they look at each other, the way that you know they are best friends within minutes of meeting them. It’s how Steven loves absolutely everything about his fiancee and how Bridget can’t not smile when she’s near him. You’d have to be blind to miss it—these two have something special. So, enjoy a few favorites from our evening of baking and exploring their community garden, and get excited for their late September wedding in just a few weeks!


I saw their chalkboard and immediately knew that we’d be great friends! Bridget and Steven have such an eye for decorating their home. Of course I was in love with the succulents and this bar.

As we baked and photographed, The Avett Brothers’ dulcet tones crooned through the house. Seriously… the cutest! Where there is flour, there will be flour fights :) Just a few blocks away from their house, Bridget and Steven keep a plot in their community garden, the perfect place to finish out the evening! Bridget, you are WORKING those beautiful eyes! When Steven planned to propose to Bridget, he knew that a traditional engagement ring just wouldn’t fit the bill, so he considered some of the amazing things that make Bridget the woman he fell in love with. The ring he found was made by a woman-owned jeweler who specialized in working with recycled materials and precious metals. The diamond is in its natural state, and was mined in Russia from a location that is inaccessible most of the year due to snow and ice, making Bridget’s ring one of the most unique and precious rings Steven could have possible chosen. See what I mean about their thoughtfulness?!

 Bridget and Steven, thank you so much for welcoming me into your home as a friend! I can’t wait to celebrate your wedding with you!

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