The Viewfinder: August & September 2013

Yes, it is the middle of September, and yes, the August Viewfinder is over a month and a half late, but roll with me on this one. The past two months have been an absolutely wild, crazy, amazing whirlwind of shooting and editing and working and emailing and meeting new friends and meeting my NEPHEW! and traveling and being constantly amazed at how I truly have the absolute best clients ever and, and… and in the rush of everything, blogging fell a bit to the wayside. It’s not okay, for a lot of reasons, I know. But the good news is that the past two months have left me with a backlog of really exciting stuff to share with you all, including some gorgeous shoots, a few amazing new couples that will be coming to the blog in the next month or two, and several exciting experiences—mostly having to do with my new found love for the sweet baby smell and being an AUNT!—to recount along the way.

I had originally planned to go back to the July Viewfinder and recount all of my goals and list out the things that likely didn’t get done in the past two and a half months. Instead, I’m choosing to share the things that have been proudly accomplished in that same time! Here we go!

Photographed 6 weddings in 3 different states! Pennsylvania, Maryland and of course, Virginia have treated me very well these past few months!

Shot 7 engagement sessions with amazing friends—new and old!

Enjoyed a week of relaxation and zero emails okay, a few emails, at the beach with my family!

Travelled to State College three times, twice for weddings and once for Penn State’s season opener! Each time it was wonderful to catch up with old friends and reminisce over my alma mater :)

Saw Nick Offerman (aka: Parks and Rec’s Ron Swanson), perform live at Penn State—for FREE! Oh, how I miss student ticketing! He was hilarious and I highly recommend that any Parks and Rec fans go to see him if you get the chance!

Drank a LOT of iced coffee. What is the end of summer good for if not a steady stream of soy iced coffee to quench your thirst AND your caffeine addiction?

-Did I already mention that I became an AUNT to the cutest nugget nephew in the whole world?! Oh, I did? So sorry ;)

Visited friends in the adorable town of Fredericksburg, Virgina.

– Last week, I attended Katelyn James’ Workshop Experience! It was such an amazing time spent learning from Katelyn along with 10 other wonderful photographers. I learned SO much and have so much to share from my time there! But I’ll save all that for another post :)

Took an afternoon off to watch some baseball and see the Nats play the Phils! We won by a landslide and I even have a cute new hat—and some not so cute sunburn lines—to prove it!

See? So much better than reading a list of things that haven’t yet gotten done! And to top it off, this post is gonna end when one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen—baby Turner rolling over for his first time! The kid’s three weeks old, you guys! I’m got a genius for a nephew :)

Keep an eye out tomorrow for another gorgeous wedding coming to the blog! It’s got mountains, hay bales, and cowboy boots, y’all! Get excited!

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