Meet the Nitches | Penn State Roommate Portraits

Today marks the start to quite the busy and exciting weekend! With two engagement sessions today (the first of which happened at sunrise this morning!), the amazing wedding of Bridget and Steven tomorrow, and a third engagement session on Sunday evening, I will have a TON of awesome folks to share with you next week! At the moment, a feel a little bit like a headless chicken running around from place to place, though I always have liked living life in the fast lane—full of other headless chicken.

But today I have something near and dear to my heart to share. When I was a junior and senior at Penn State, I was absolutely blessed to live with some of the most amazing women, friends and sisters that I could ever ask for, and I will always cherish the memories that we made together in our little house apartment. When it was time for us to move out, the thought of leaving our house to complete strangers was just a little depressing, and we were so lucky when some amazing women two years below us asked if they could take over our lease! Just like the member of the original Nitch, these girls are smart, hilarious, generous women who want their home to be a place where everyone feels welcome and loved—not something you find in every college apartment!

I was so excited when I got the chance to spend the morning with them off-campus at this amazing old church. It’s pretty incredible the places that you can find when you drive just 15 minutes away from campus! While the time with these girls definitely made me wistful for my time living at the Nitch and my own sister-roommates, it also made me so thankful for the time that I had living there! To my fellow Nitches, make sure you enjoy every last minute of your time in that home! I hope one day you’ll look at these photos and remember how amazingly blessed you once were to call your roommates sisters. Love you girls!

Seriously, girls, when do your modeling careers begin?

Love love loved this old church!

Gorgeous, Tor! Katie on the left, has the most instant (and amazing!) “model face” I’ve ever seen! Girl can turn it on like it’s nothing!

And y’all’s outfits? So good. Allison, you’re beautiful!! ANDREA. YOUR EYES!!

Golly, I just love you, Aly!

Love you girls a ton! Thanks for letting me spend the morning with you!


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