Amanda and Dennis | a Fall Hokie Engagement

It’s been over twelve years since I first met Amanda. Now, THAT is a weird sentence to type! We were little eleven year-old 6th graders in a “homeroom” for the very first time together. We had the same class schedule as we got the hang of rotating teachers and classes and got used to being the young kids on campus again. (After all, all that 5th grader power in elementary school can really go to your head.) Even then, my memories of Amanda are as a kind, sweet friend with a great sense of humor and the absolute biggest heart for her friends and family. But after only one year of building our friendship during Mr. Christiano’s oh-so-fun social studies class and Mr. Davenport’s always-challenging science course, a new middle school was built and we were placed in different schools. New friends, sports, and busy schedules unfortunately meant that our friendship drifted, but I somehow always found myself so happily reconnecting with Amanda from time-to-time, so that even when we had gone off to college, we were both clue into each other’s lives.

Which is why I was SO excited when it popped up on Facebook this past March that Amanda was ENGAGED! Wasn’t it just yesterday that we were little 6th graders?? I didn’t know Dennis, but I knew if he had won Amanda’s heart that he must be something pretty special, and I wasn’t wrong :) During their engagement session last week, I got the chance to know Dennis a little bit better. He is every bit as sweet, kind and funny as his future wife, and the way he looks at her? There’s no doubt how much he loves that girl! But I’ll let you see that for yourself… Enjoy a few favorites from our session at Amanda’s childhood home, and even though it’s still a year away, get SO excited to see these two back on the blog when they get married next October!!


Love this light! Love these two!

Note to self:  be careful of bear hug poses when there’s the potential to roll downhill! Haha!

So sweet!!

Laney, Amanda’s family pup, was a little too nervous to really be in any photos, but I was so glad that she snuck in this one!! :)

That light! Those colors! 

Can we just talk about this ring for a minute? Look at that SPARKLE! 

Amanda and Dennis started dating during their time at Virginia Tech and are both die-hard Hokies, so it was only appropriate to bust out some maroon and orange for their photos! 

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL, Amanda!!

Leaf love!

Handed off the ring to the Hokie Bird for a minute or two…

The colors on Amanda’s street were absolutely perfect. I wish I could have fall leaves all year long!

Oh, you guys….

LOVE this!! All that Hokie pride…

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