Christy & Matt | Airlie Engagement Session

It had become a bit of an inside joke. A secret they shared with each other—and their adorable shar pei, George. On weekends with no plans or on boring weekday nights, the age-old question would be asked: “What do you want to do today?” “Let’s get married!” the other would propose, always to be followed by, “Nah, not today!” Christy and Matt joked like this so often that it induced a few smiling eye-rolls from friends who wished that the joke would be a reality. It wasn’t hard to tell how Matt’s charmingly quiet disposition matched Christy’s vivacious heart-of-a-cheerleader personality, or that the two were absolutely head over heels for one another. So last year during Matt’s birthday on a quiet night in, Christy asked Matt what he’d like to do, and she laughed a little when he answered, as always, “Let’s get married.” But when she turned and saw him holding a box with one of the most gorgeous engagement rings inside, the familiar joke became brand new joy and her standard laughter morphed into a definite “YES!” And with the obvious approval of their dog-child, their inside joke turned into real plans!

I had so much fun exploring around Warrenton, Virginia’s Airlie Center with Matt and Christy last week. The grounds at Airlie are gorgeous from the formal gardens to the lovely lakes, and the bright yellow trees that lined the lanes were the perfect backdrop for a late fall engagement session. Christy and Matt will also be getting married at Airlie around this time next year, so you know it’s going to be an absolutely gorgeous celebration! Enjoy a few of my favorites from their perfect fall afternoon!

I kid you not, two minutes in and Christy gives me this gorgeous look—and THAT’s how you know it’s going to be a great session!!

Meet George! Aka: Angel Face, Baby, and Handsome. I think they all suit him ;)

I love how much these two laugh together—it is the sweetest thing.

Family portrait!

And then we headed out to the trees… and I died and went to fall heaven!

Christy, you are such a beauty. And Matt, you’re looking pretty good yourself!

Oh, you two… SUCH a favorite!!

Honestly, why can’t views  like this exist all year long??


Oh,  go ahead, y’all!

And a little sunset dip to end the session right…

So many thanks to Christy’s Maid of Honor, Kelly, for coming along with us and taking care of George! You’re wonderful!

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    Andrea - Steph these are amazing! I think these are my favorite ones you’ve done yet!ReplyCancel

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