Sean & Alisha | A Surprise Proposal!

I. Love. Surprises.

When I was little, rarely did I try to snoop for my Christmas gifts before Christmas morning. Less because I was a good kid who knew better than to snoop, and more because if I knew at the beginning of the month what Santa was bringing, I’d ruin my surprise. All of my favorite birthday memories include surprises: 17 when my best friends threw me a surprise party, and 21 when my amazing roommates kidnapped  me and surprised me with a less-than-conventional 21st birthday. I can’t give any details, but it involved a lot of orange paint… The point is, I have a love affair with surprises, and the more elaborate, the better. Which is why, when Sean contacted me about his plans to propose to his wonderful girlfriend, Alisha, and told me that he was hoping to have the moment photographed, I was COMPLETELY on board! As he shared his sweet plans my excitement only grew: a late fall stroll down the trail at Scott’s Run, one of the first places they had spent quality time together before they made their relationship “official.”

Being the lover of surprises that I am, I thought that getting to witness and capture Sean’s proposal would be my favorite part of this experience—after all, this was the very first proposal I’ve ever photographed! But, I thought wrong. Where the real magic lay was when Sean and I scoped out the proposal location a week before the big question. While walked and talking, I asked Sean about Alisha, and I kid you not, his eyes instantly lit up at the sound of her name. Sean couldn’t wipe the smile off of his face as he told me about their love story and all of the roads that had pointed them to each other. He described her sweet, quiet and laid back demeanor, and how it so perfectly complements his own high-energy personality. Getting to hear Sean talk about Alisha without having met her myself was all the affirmation I needed to know how incredible in love these two were with each other. And when the big moment arrived and I got to see the love and excitement on Alisha’s face as well, it was the cherry on top of the proverbial sundae. She had talked her self out of expecting a proposal any time this year, so she was taken completely by surprise! Her shock and surprise made the moment even sweeter.

Sean and Alisha, it was such an incredible honor to get to document this sweet chapter in your lives. I LOVE that you will have these images to look back on forever and remember exactly how you felt in these moments! I am so EXCITED for you to be getting married!! Enjoy a few of my favorites from the surprise proposal!

Alisha thought that she and Sean were just on a quick stroll before heading to brunch…

But then Sean stopped in the middle of the path…

…and told Alisha how much he loved an adored her…

…and got down on one knee…

…and she said YES!! A hidden picnic basket in the woods held the celebratory champagne… complete with custom inscribed flutes! I LOVE it!!

Oh, you two!!

Love love love this :)

CONGRATULATIONS, Sean and Alisha! Leave them some love and congratulations below!! :)

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