Thankful November | Part 2

November may be over, and we may already be almost 1/3 of the way into December (oh, Time, you are so ridiculously speedy these days!), but I haven’t forgotten about part two of Thankful November!

In the month of November, I decided to take the #thankfulNovember challenge and overtake my friends’ Facebook and Instagram feeds by posting one thing each day that I was thankful for. I’ll admit, some days it wasn’t a fun exercise. Some days it was difficult to be thankful for things in the midst of the mundane. Some days I actually just forgot. Some days I worried that I was doing some weird kind of humble brag dance on social media, but that wasn’t the point either. Looking back at last month, it’s kind of a wonderful thing to have a visual representation of 31 people, things, places and ideas that I’m always blessed to have—even when it’s not #thankfulNovember…

If you’re just tuning in, check out Thankful November | Part 1! And here are the things that filled my heart up in the second half of the month:

17. Falling asleep to the sound of rain
18. To-do lists and productive work days
19. Books and reading and pretty bookshelves
20. My Momma Bear
21. Cooking! Eating! Eating Mexican food!
22. Running. Most of the time.
23. My big sister, Christine
24-27. I cheated a bit to catch up, but the four seasons and living in a place that had all four seasons!

28. This moment. Right now.
29. My car, Harvey, and all the road trips we get to take together.
30. The love, grace, hope and mercy of my God.

Here’s to continued thanks giving in December, in 2014, and in all of our crazy worthwhile lives! Happy Monday, friends!

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