Karleigh & Adam | Winston-Salem, NC Wedding

In the second grade, Karleigh, like many little girls, dreamed of her wedding day. Dress-up always meant putting on her dress and veil and walking down the aisle towards her husband. Even her sketches at Arts and Crafts were of her dream wedding dress. When she had grown up a little, that excitement for marriage never faded, and she began praying for the man that would one day become her husband—the Adam to her Eve.

In the second grade, Adam, like many little boys, never even considered his future wedding day, paying more attention to the important things like toys and sports and mud. But when he had grown up a little, he began to realize that what kind of woman he wanted by his side for the rest of his life—a woman who was kind and strong and supportive of his life’s calling as a pastor. Most importantly, a woman who loved the Lord before she ever loved him.

Karleigh and Adam’s wedding day was nothing short of that 8-year-old girl’s dream. A Christmas celebration with incredible family, amazing friends, beautiful details and a stunning bride and groom made for a wedding that that was about so much more than a wedding, but about the love that two incredible people share for each other and their God. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the dress that Karleigh wore down the aisle could have been designed from that second grade sketch so many years ago.

I am SO excited to share this last wedding of 2013! I could write for days about all of the thoughtful details and unique touches, but I’d rather just show you instead. To Karleigh, Adam, and your wonderful families: thank you. Thank you for trusting me to be the one capturing such an important day. You might recognize Karleigh as the sister of Derek and Erica, and it was absolutely incredible to be welcomed to another Benedict wedding not as a vendor, but as a friend. I am so thrilled to shared your images with you! Enjoy reliving the fairytale day!

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. King

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0001 Karleigh covered her shoes in lace from her mom’s wedding dress.

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0002 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0003 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0004 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0005 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0006 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0007 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0008 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0009 This pearl necklace comes all the way from India. When Karleigh returned home with them, she placed them in her hope chest and never wore them until her wedding day! I love that.

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0010 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0011 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0012

Many thanks to Stacey Windsor for making the trip to NC with me as my second shooter and grabbing the following shots of the guys!

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0013 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0014 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0015 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0016 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0017 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0018 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0019 KARLEIGH! Girl, you are so phenomenally stunning!

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0020 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0021 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0022 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0023 The bride and groom decided to wait until the ceremony to see each other, but as the only daughter in her family, it was perfect for Karleigh to have a first look with her dad!

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0024 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0025 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0026 Seriously girl…

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0027 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0028 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0029 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0030 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0031 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0032 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0033 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0034 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0035 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0036 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0037 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0038 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0039 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0040 Looking good, Adam!

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0041 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0042 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0043 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0044 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0045 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0046 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0047 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0048 A moment of calm…

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0049 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0050 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0051 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0052 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0053 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0054 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0055 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0056 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0057 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0058 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0059 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0060 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0061 MARRIED!!!

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0062 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0063 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0064 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0065 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0066 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0067 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0068 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0069 Loved the guy’s socks!

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0070 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0071 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0072 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0073 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0074 I didn’t get to have an engagement session with Karleigh and Adam, so when they started out the session with looks like these I did a few happy dances! You two are naturals!

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0075 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0076 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0077 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0078 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0079 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0080 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0081 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0082 On the left!! You two!!

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0083 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0084 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0085 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0086 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0087 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0088 Oh, you two…

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0089 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0091 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0092 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0093 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0094 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0095 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0096 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0097 Anybody recognize these two??

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0098 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0099 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0100 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0101 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0102 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0103 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0104 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0105 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0106 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0107 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0108 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0109 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0110 Karleigh and her dad’s first dance was probably one of the sweetest of the year!

winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0111 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0112 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0113 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0114 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0115 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0116 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0117 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0118 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0119 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0120 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0121 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0122 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0123 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0124 winston_salem_graylyn_christmas_wedding_0125

Thank you to all of Karleigh and Adam’s amazing vendors for creating a magical day! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. King!

vendors coming soon!

  • December 27, 2013 - 10:56 am

    Norma - Grandma B likes the pictures!!ReplyCancel

  • December 27, 2013 - 4:48 pm

    Dean Benedict - Stephanie you did a wonderful job! I am so glad that we were able to have you take the photos at both of my kids wedding!ReplyCancel

  • December 27, 2013 - 5:46 pm

    Jeannene Newark Webster - These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! You did more than take pictures of a beautiful wedding; you captured joy perfectly. I loved every single one of these. <3ReplyCancel

  • December 27, 2013 - 7:32 pm

    Dona McNear - Pics are beautiful! beautiful! beautiful! Just like the bride! Thank you for letting us be a party of your day!ReplyCancel

  • December 27, 2013 - 7:33 pm

    Dona McNear - Pics are beautiful! beautiful! beautiful! Just like the bride! Thank you for letting us be a part of your day!ReplyCancel

  • December 27, 2013 - 11:12 pm

    Cindy Benedict - Steph, I can’t thank you enough. You captured the true emotion of the day in your photos. So happy that you were the one to photograph our children’s weddings. Thank you!ReplyCancel

  • January 2, 2014 - 9:34 pm

    Sarah - Beautiful Wedding, absolutely gorgeous!ReplyCancel

  • January 7, 2014 - 6:56 am

    Karleigh & Adam | Capitol Hill Honeymoon Session » Stephanie Dee Photography - […] did they ever make the right choice! When we were planning logistics the week after their wedding, Karleigh mentioned that they were “just a stone’s throw” from the Capitol […]ReplyCancel

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