Karleigh & Adam | Capitol Hill Honeymoon Session

Just a month before her wedding, Karleigh got a phone call. The DC Bed and Breakfast they had booked for their honeymoon was unfortunately going under, and she would have to find other arrangements if they were to spend their honeymoon in the nation’s capital. After some stressing and searching and weighing their options, K + A decided to rent a DC apartment for the week on Capitol Hill, and man-oh-man did they ever make the right choice! When we were planning logistics the week after their wedding, Karleigh mentioned that they were “just a stone’s throw” from the Capitol building. I figured they were close, but when I parked in front of the beautiful row house that had become Casa de King for the week, I realized that she wasn’t kidding—get a skilled baseball player out there with a rock and that puppy was going in the reflecting pool. They had an amazing location! The two newlyweds spent their honeymoon celebrating their first Christmas together and exploring all around DC, even making a day trip up to New York City to see Wicked on Broadway!

Because we weren’t able to schedule an engagement session before their wedding, and because they would be SO darn close to me for their honeymoon, we decided that a honeymoon session would be so ideal! This was my first ever day after/honeymoon session, and it set the bar high! There is something so wonderful about being free from the pressures of a wedding day timeline and getting to really relax and enjoy the time with my clients friends, without worrying about the reception starting without us. I was so excited to explore around the Hill with wonderful newlyweds, and I am even more thrilled to share their images with you! Enjoy!

capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0001 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0002 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0003 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0004 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0005 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0006 Go ahead, you two!

capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0007 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0008 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0009 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0010 The light just in front of their apartment was absolutely magical. Or maybe it was just that newlywed glow!

capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0011 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0012 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0013 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0014 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0015 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0016 A little Capitol love.

capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0017 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0018 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0019 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0020 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0021 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0022 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0023 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0024 And a jaunt through Union Station…

capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0028capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0025 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0026 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0027 capitol_hill_winter_wedding_0028

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