While I was Out | Ireland & London

I know I’ve been a bit MIA over the past week, but it is no easy task to prep, write, and post a blog when you’re spending six days in three countries! At the end of December I had the chance to book a trip with my wonderful friend, Bre, during which we’d spend a week in January exploring Belfast, Northern Ireland; London, England; and Dublin, Ireland. Of course, the last-minute adventurer in me was all in. I’d never been to the UK before and I wasn’t about to miss out on such a perfect opportunity.

The eternal challenge of the traveling photographer is two fold: 1) Find a travel friend who won’t mind you stopping every 30 seconds to compose a shot of yet another angle of Big Ben. (CHECK!) and 2) Find a travel friend who won’t mind you agonizing for 10 minutes each time you leave the house over whether to bring your camera or just your phone for mobility’s sake. (CHECK!) Bre more than endured my annoying photographer habits, she encouraged them! Which meant that even though we were on a whirlwind itinerary—spending almost as much time in airports and tube stations as we did exploring each city—we could still bring home some photos to remind us how incredible it was to spend a week hopping from city to city, eating lots of amazing food, walking until we burned off that food, racing like fools with our luggage through train stations, and experiencing the never-ending hospitality of each of our hosts.

As we sat in Newark Airport at the end of our trip (hoping that our last flight home wasn’t cancelled due to Snowpocalypse) we realized that, including each connector flight, we’d been on five planes in six days. If that doesn’t earn international jet-setter status, I just don’t know WHAT will. But jet-setter or not, today I’m back and so ready to get down to business! Tomorrow marks my first wedding of 2014, and I can’t wait to celebrate with Ginny and Patrick as they tie the knot in D.C.! We’ll see if I can’t convince at least one great aunt that my newfound British accent is totally legit.

Enjoy a few memories from our trip! You’ll notice that Dublin is missing, but with our visit there lasting less than 24-hours, it was destined to be an iPhone photo visit.

On our first night in Belfast, we went to see Carrickfergus Castle, a Norman castle built in the 12th century outside of Belfast.


Those aren’t rocks in the water, but seals!
A panoramic view of Belfast including the yellow cranes that built the Titanic!

Belfast City Hall with some flag protesters in the rain.

And then we made our way to LONDON!

LondonIreland-7 LondonIreland-8 LondonIreland-9
Just hanging out at the Queen’s house…

A truth about traveling with a photographer: if you say you like some architectural thing (like these pretty gates), we will make you pose in front of it :)

LondonIreland-11 LondonIreland-12 LondonIreland-13
Without planning it, we got to see the changing of the guard!

LondonIreland-14 LondonIreland-37 LondonIreland-38 LondonIreland-16 LondonIreland-18 LondonIreland-20 LondonIreland-21
Bre even learned to use my camera (like a pro) so I’d have more than just selfies to show for my trip!

LondonIreland-22 LondonIreland-25
So, I kind of love Big Ben…

LondonIreland-26 LondonIreland-27 LondonIreland-28
The view from the London Eye…

LondonIreland-32 LondonIreland-33 LondonIreland-34 LondonIreland-35 LondonIreland-36
And holy moley, is Tower Bridge gorgeous at night or WHAT?

LondonIreland-39 LondonIreland-40 LondonIreland-41 LondonIreland-42
Selfies on DSLR’s are trickier than they look, my friends…

So long, London! Until next time…


  • January 24, 2014 - 9:36 am

    Bre - Oh no I’m crying these are so pretty! Let’s go back! Thank you for being the best travel buddy ever! What a whirlwind trip!ReplyCancel

  • January 25, 2014 - 10:13 am

    Emily weaver - Ahhhh I love London! I was so sad to come bak home and after looking at your beautiful pics I whining about it again!!! So cool that you got to go & had a great time.ReplyCancel

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