Monthly Archives: February 2014

Happies and Crappies: THON and Thawing Out

It is time for spring to arrive. (And everybody said amen.) I don’t care what that darn groundhog said earlier inView full post »

Heather & David | D.C. Saint Francis Hall Wedding

There were fewer than 24 hours left before Heather would marry the love of her life, and it seemed that for every inchView full post »

The BIG Goals: 2014

Is there a single soul who looks back fondly on middle school? The awkward growth spurts that left most girls toweringView full post »

Favorite Things | Birchbox

If you’ve ever lived in a dorm, then I’m sure you’ve known a serial care package receiver. You knowView full post »

9/11 Memorial Visit

Two months ago one weekend leading up to Christmas, I hopped on a Megabus to New York City en route to spend a few daysView full post »

The Viewfinder: February 2014

“But Steph,” you say, “you haven’t written a Viewfinder post since September of last year. IView full post »

The Scofield Family | Warrenton Lifestyle Portraits

I’ve written it before on the blog and it’s true: I don’t specialize in family photography. MyView full post »