Heather & David | D.C. Saint Francis Hall Wedding

There were fewer than 24 hours left before Heather would marry the love of her life, and it seemed that for every inch of excitement built up in her heart, an inch of snow  fell outside. She and David had wished for their Valentine’s Day wedding to be white, but this was too much. The snow storm had already shut down the majority of the east coast, and the snow just continued to fall. Most of their families had luckily traveled from Kentucky, Pennsylvania and further before the storm arrived, but Heather’s maid of honor and three of David’s groomsmen were stuck in other states, cancelled flight after cancelled flight. Heather took back her wish. No amount of pretty snow was worth her best friend missing her wedding.

But after a lot of anxious waiting and even more hopeful praying, the miracle happened: all four of the stranded bridal party members arrived! (One groomsman just two hours before the wedding!) And even though the difficult travel obstacles added unwarranted stress to the day, I don’t think it’d be a stretch to say that the entire celebration had an incredible feeling of intentional love about it. Of course, Heather’s wonderfully planned details of her black and white Valentine’s wedding came together gorgeously, but what really made the day special was the fact that every single guest made the conscious effort to join Heather and David for their wedding day, some even driving through the night to make it in time. Each person in the room loved this incredible couple so much that they risked the elements to help them celebrate. And to me, that means more than a flawless timeline or picture-perfect reception details ever could.

So, without further ado, I am so excited to share this day with you. A day full of plenty of emotions, but above all, a real love blanketed the room just like the snow on the world outside.

Introducing: Mr. and Mrs. Cox.

DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0001 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0002 Heather shared that these incredible shoes were found by her incredible husband. Well done, David!
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0003 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0004 I love love LOVED Heather’s sparkly bridal jewelry! Can’t ever have too much bling.
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0005 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0006 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0007 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0008 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0009 Heather and David are dog-lovers to the core, so their two pups, Steel and Rufus, got to join in on the day’s excitement, too!
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0010 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0011 The view from D.C.’s Residence Inn isn’t too shabby…
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0024 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0012 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0013 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0014 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0015 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0016 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0019 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0017 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0018 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0020 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0021 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0022 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0023 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0025 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0026 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0027 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0028 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0029 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0030 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0031 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0032 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0033 Holy SMOKES, Heather!! You are such a glamorous bride.
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0034 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0035 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0036 Before we left for the First Look, Heather’s Maid of Honor had one special gift for her to open…
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0037 …a beautiful photo of Heather’s grandmother on her wedding day, filled with the same excitement as her granddaughter. This is why I do what I do!

DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0038 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0039 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0040 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0041 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0042 David’s first look at his bride!! I love it!
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0043 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0044 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0045 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0046 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0047 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0052 Dang, you two make a gorgeously classic couple!
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0048 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0049 I loved shooting in the golden light at D.C.’s Franciscan Monastery. Just look at these columns!
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0050 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0051 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0053 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0054 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0055 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0056 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0058 Swapping kisses :)
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0059 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0060 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0062 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0061 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0063 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0064 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0065 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0066 Oh, go ahead, you two…
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0067 If this doesn’t make you fall in love with birdcage veils… I just don’t know about you.
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0068 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0069 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0070 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0072 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0073 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0074 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0071 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0075 The girl’s wore fur coats that Heather’s grandmother owned, and now I’m thinking I might require fur accessories at every winter wedding.
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0076 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0077 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0078 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0079 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0080 Looking sharp, boys!
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0081 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0082 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0084 This shot may take the cake for my new favorite bridal party photo! So much excitement!!
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0085 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0086 Meet Rufus, the world’s most adorable ring bearer.
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0087 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0088 The photographer isn’t the only one who checks out the groom’s reaction these days!
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0089 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0090 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0091 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0092 St. Francis Hall truly is an incredible location.
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0093 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0094 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0095 Married!!!
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0096 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0097 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0098 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0099 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0100 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0106 How much fun is this upside down cake?! I love it!
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0107 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0108 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0101 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0102 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0103 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0104 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0105 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0109 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0110 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0111 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0112 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0115 So incredibly sweet…
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0117 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0118 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0119 Fabulous speeches…
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0113 Wonderful toasts…
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0114 And then the party really got started!
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0120 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0121 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0125 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0126 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0127 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0122 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0123 Aw, Rufus :)
DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0124 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0128 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0129 DC_st_francis_hall_wedding_0130

Many thanks to H+D’s wonderful vendors who made the day possible!:
Getting Ready Location » Residence Inn, Downtown Washington DC
Venue » St Francis Hall
Wedding Gown » Jacquelin Exclusive ​19857
Mens’ Tuxes » Men’s Warehouse
Hair Designer » Logan 14 Salon
Caterer » R & R Catering
Violinist » Christine Kharazian
Transportation » Limousines, Inc.
DJ » Brian Violett
Second Shooter » Beth Tobolewski

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    April Sweeney - Such a beautiful wedding, congrats to you both…and I love the pet involvement!ReplyCancel

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