The Nugget Sessions | Turner is 6 Months Old!

You guys, I’m related to a nugget.

The cutest, tiniest, most adorable little nugget that you just want to squeeze and love and eat up all at the same time. Is that weird? It’s a little weird? That’s okay, I’ll own it.

There’s no other way to describe him: my nephew is a NUGGET and the whole world needs to know how cute he is. My sister and brother-in-law make some darn cute babies, and I can’t wait for them to one day have a whole family of adorable little monsters. But for now, I’m definitely getting my cuteness quota met by Turner. I can’t believe that my little man is already 6 months old! It was just last year around this time that I excitedly announced I was an expectant aunt, and now I get to hold this cutie, play and snuggle with him, hear his giggles and see his heart breaker smile, and of course teach him all of the super-grown up, mature things I know like how to stick your tongue out at your mom.

It is so much fun for me to get to document so much of this little guy’s life, and I’m officially dubbing this and future Turner Man shoots “The Nugget Sessions.” It’s only fitting.

See what I mean?

6moTurner-36 6moTurner-91 6moTurner-8
Turner is mostly just confused by my camera, which is why this shot is one of my new favorites!
6moTurner-18b 6moTurner-96 6moTurner-1 6moTurner-25b 6moTurner-10 6moTurner-40b
His new thing is this half smile/half scream which results in some hilariously adorable photos. Exhibit A:
6moTurner-28 6moTurner-95
Laughing at this one forever.
6moTurner-21 6moTurner-103b 6moTurner-111b 6moTurner-94b
Just hanging out in a tree like any normal baby would do…
6moTurner-63 6moTurner-64 6moTurner-80 6moTurner-73b
Love ya, little man!

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