Aaren and Dave | Manassas Battlefield Engagement Session

Who says throwbacks are just for Thursdays?

Today I have the joy of sharing a few photos from waaay back last fall (probably around the last time the weather was actually nice) of the lovely Aaren and her wonderful fiancé, Dave. For months they built their long-distance relationship on a rock of phone calls, Skype dates and weekend trips that ensured they both knew the 3-hour stretch of pavement between DC and Philly like the back of their hands. If you met Aaren on the blog last fall, then you already know about her kind-hearted people-loving ways. The incredible thing is that for ever ounce of sweetness in Aaren’s personality, Dave matches her bit for bit. These two are like the power couple of loving others.

When I moved earlier this year, I sadly lost Aaren as a roommate. But she made a move of her own, and is now living in Philadelphia planning her wedding and renovating her future home (!!) with Dave! I was so glad to get the chance to photograph a little mini engagement session for these love birds before their relationship finally went short-distance. So, better late than never, enjoy a little bit of fall love this afternoon as you meet Aaren and Dave!

manassas_battlefield_engagement_0014 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0006 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0007
So much sweetness I can hardly handle it!! manassas_battlefield_engagement_0004 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0001
I miss this fall light, but I am so ready to soak up its spring counterpart!
manassas_battlefield_engagement_0009 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0002 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0003 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0005 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0008 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0018 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0011 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0010 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0013
Just beautiful, you two!
manassas_battlefield_engagement_0016 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0015 manassas_battlefield_engagement_0017

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