Laura & Daniel | National Harbor Engagement

Laura and Daniel have a love that first grew in the halls of their high school, planted with roots that reach all the way back to the years of braces, acne, hormones and standardized testing, watered with hand-in-hand strolls down the hallways and kisses stolen in front of lockers. There is something about a relationship that has been growing between two people through such important years. It’s beautiful because it bends and curves and grows as they do, and never looks the same season after season. Its strength and resilience only adds to its beauty.

But, as it always does, time caught up with sweetest of high school hearts and they soon found the strength of their relationship being tested as they looked ahead to life’s next big adventure: college. Determined to make their own decisions and not simply follow one another to their university of choice, Laura and Daniel decided not to discuss the matter together. At all. They each knew where the other had applied, but decisions wouldn’t be shared until they had both made their own choice, their own selection. The day finally rolled around, and the nerves of what the future held twisted in their stomachs, neither yet realizing that even when they had to deliberate separately, they both wanted the exact same thing. So after a big breath, Laura blurted the words “Christopher Newport University” at the same time as Daniel, and the rain of relief and excitement fell around them. Of course, long distance wouldn’t have been impossible, and a love like theirs with its deep roots and firm ground would have weathered plenty of storms, but in that moment nothing was more exciting to Daniel than the thought of spending the next four years together with his best friend.

Fast forward five more years and now, two graduations later, the cutest couple who walked together through their high school’s halls are ready to walk down an entirely different kind of hall. Laura and Daniel will be married this September, as as we strolled through the waterfront of National Harbor for their engagement session I couldn’t help but get excited for their wedding to get here! High school sweethearts doesn’t even give enough credit to how wonderfully kind and loving these two are. If you see the way Daniel looks at Laura in just the right light, you can find the years of friendship, encouragement and love in his eyes. Watch as Laura leans into Daniel so naturally and their years of history and stories and trust will start to appear. To top if off, these two are just plain adorable and a ton of fun to be around. I am so excited to share some of my favorites from their sunset session on the Potomac! Enjoy!

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Laura! Gorgeous, lady! gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0073 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0074
Then we found a Rolls Royce in a parking garage. Have I mentioned how location scouting is my favorite? gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0075 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0076 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0077 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0078 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0079 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0080
Thank you, Rolls owner!! gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0081 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0082 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0083 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0084
See what I mean about that whole sweethearts thing? These two are just on a whole other level!
gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0085 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0086 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0087 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0088 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0089 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0090 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0091
Swept away… gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0092 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0093 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0094 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0095
Gosh, y’all!
gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0096 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0097 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0098
Laura made this adorable banner herself. In an afternoon. So talented!
Oh, this light. Oh, that love.
gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0100 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0101 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0102 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0103 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0104
YOU TWO ARE SO DARN CLASSY! This is such a favorite!!
gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0105 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0106 gaylord_national_harbor_engagement_0107

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